Listen to Seekay’s new single “Wiser” featuring Chloe

Electronic-pop producer Seekay’s new song “Wiser” will take your breath away with its endless layers of emotions and near-perfect vocals by the one and only singer Chloe. It’s not the first time the artists collaborate, and it sure isn’t the last. Together, they illustrate the profound meaning of creation with a creator and his performer, one he trusts a million percent to be able to convey exactly what he had intended when he imagined the song to become alive.

Seekay is continuing his inspiring journey, focusing on the essence of music rather than on its packaging, although we must say, he naturally excels at every single aspect of the production. Catchy and intimate, wise and accessible, Seekay seems to be uniting all opposites, as if he had found the way to transcend duality and find the key to overcome the divine dichotomy we are all facing in this life.

Check out his website for more info about him.

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