New Zealand’s Capital Theatre debut with “Force To Fight” [Video]

New Zealand 3-piece rock band Capital Theatre have made their debut with the single, “Force To Fight”. Produced by Mike Clink and mixed by John Spiker, it’s a wildly vibrant tune meant to energize the listener into action. As a release, it precedes the outfit’s planned full-length debut, a 10-track concept album that narrates a hero’s journey.

“Force To Fight”, for instance, is an enthralling pop-rock anthem paired with a politically charged visual depicting elements of chaos and anarchy. Filmed by Gregor Nicholas, the music video is set in a boxing ring where characters from extreme factions of the left and right scrap it out.

The video director comments “This is an in-your-face satire, an allegorical depiction of the fraying of American society where each opponent in the ring represents a different archetype. The boxing ring is a metaphor for a nation polarized and convulsed by division, its factions encouraged by their leader to meet violence with violence.”

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Force To Fight audio can be found on all streaming platforms from midnight November 3rd NZT.

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A HEROS JOURNEY was recorded in Los Angeles, Hollywood’s NRG studios early in 2020, the Covid-19 Pandemic forced a quick relocation back to NZ.

After New Zealand’s six week lock-down, the band were granted access to Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios in Auckland, where via a system of FaceTime and a live audio stream within ProTools, they were able to reconnect with Clink in LA and continue recording and mixing the remainder of the album.

Album Producer Mike Clink says “What attracted me to the project is that each song takes you on a journey delivered with conviction through the music and the lyrics. From pre-production through recording, we fine-tuned each song to capture those messages. While this album was technically challenging to record with distance and time changes, it did not diminish the quality. Paul, Adam and Roy, are a band of brothers and I enjoyed being on this journey with them.”

Capital Theatre are

Adam Stevenson – Vocals, Keys, Guitar

Paul Reid – Drums

Roy Oliver – Guitar


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