New Release Friday: 16 new songs out on November 27th

Time for another New Release Friday roundup. Find the Spotify playlist at the bottom of the page.

Nina Chuba – “Babylon Fall”

Hamburg-based Berlin native Nina Chuba is a special talent. From her bold songwriting to her interesting combination of pop and hip-hop elements, the 21-year-old artist keeps captivating listeners with each new release. Her latest single “Babylon” showcases her aggressive flow and thought-provoking lyrics. “The song is a tongue and cheek social critique of all the stuff I think that should go first when the world finally ends,” the rapper, singer and songwriter explains.

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Fivio Foreign – “Trust”

With New York drill sound is more exciting than ever, Brooklyn-born Fivio Foreign is one of the rappers pushing that envelope. His latest single “Trust” is another hit in the making. Produced by AXL Beats, the hard-hitting yet melodic track finds the artist welcoming the listener to a world where violence reign supreme. The “Bop It” rapper is gearing to release his debut album.

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Aina More – “Destiny”

Aina More is a new entrant in the UK Drill scene and the South London rapper & producer is bringing with her a unique vibe. As an introduction, here is her song “Destiny” which has arrived today, November 27. The Afrobeat infused track embodies the kind of energy synonymous with the artist. Alongside it is an amazing clip.

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Bellsavvy – “In My Zone”

London-based Brazilian artist Bellsavvy has shared a vivacious and savvy new song called “In My Zone”. The Latin-styled dance-pop tune was produced by multi-platinum producer Sky Adams. Fun and lively, the song talks about body confidence and finding one’s inner power. “In My Zone” furthers the emerging singer’s steady rise.

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TGAO – “Fight Together”

The song “Fight Together” is the debut release from TGAO, a DJ and producer from Amsterdam, Netherlands. The effervescent and energy-filled progressive house track is lyrically uplifting. With such a positive theme, it aims to bring people together, especially during these hard times. The song is a great introduction to the young artist.

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JON & LARSEN – “Falling”

German electronic duo JON + LARSEN have delivered an amazing EDM song, “Falling”. With an emotion-imbued vocal, the progressive house track will the dancefloor with love. Whether it’s a festival arena or a club environment, “Falling” fits. The song’s production is excellent, owing to the DJs and producers’ decade of experience playing and making dance music.

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Don’t Believe In Ghosts – “Won’t Say A Word”

Don’t Believe In Ghosts is an indie pop/rock band from New York. It’s fronted by singer-songwriter and producer Steven Nathan, with other members being Dan DelVecchio (guitar), Alex Goumas (bass) and Ken Yang (Drums). Their newest single “Won’t Say A Word” offers us a taste of their sound. The melody-driven song is passionate both vocally and lyrically. It captures the bitter end to a relationship. “Sometimes we reach a point in a relationship when we know it’s over. In desperation someone may say things they don’t mean. Sometimes they walk out knowing you will follow. This time you stay where you are and you say nothing,” says a quote from the band.

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Boo Seeka – “Never Enough”

With Australians entering their summer, indie-electronic duo Boo Seeka (Ben Gumbleton & Michael May) are delivering an anthem for the season. The song is titled “Never Enough” and is invigorating and nostalgic in equal measure. It’s sound melds bouncy beats with refreshing melodies. “Never Enough” will transport you back to those fun times.

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Cloudy June – “Goodbye to Honeymoon”

Cloudy June is back with the song “Goodbye to Honeymoon”. The melodic and rhythmic pop track follows up the 22-year-old German singer-songwriter’s last single, “Pretty Pills for Broken Hearts”. This new piece is about a love that’s fast fading. It juxtaposes the fear of losing the relationship with the desire to revert things to the way they were in the beginning. June completely immerses herself in this one, making it so relatable.

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Tasha Mac – “Marilyn Monroe”

Canadian singer Tasha Mac has stepped out again with an awesome new single. Christened “Marilyn Monroe”, its’ a chill R&B song with fresh pop sensibilities. The production, handled by Deddin, injects a moody, airy vibe consistent with the gripping lyrics. “Marilyn Monroe” is about self love and women empowerment.

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Michelle Daly – “In My Dreams”

Michelle Daly is a soul singer who hails from Ireland but currently based out of Berlin. The musician has just released a new track, “In My Dreams”. This is the second single from her upcoming debut album. The jazzy song was co-written by Michelle and Michael Parle. With great vocals and beautiful lyrics, “In My Dreams” is irresistibly smooth.

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St. Christoph & Shaade x Jade Alice – “WTF”

Sidney-based Australian duo St. Christoph & Shaade are unveiling their debut EP titled Big Mood. Alongside the release arrives the video for the project’s funky lead single, “WTF”. The song features singer Jade Alice. Other tracks are “California”, “Callin'”, “Casual” and “So What”. The EP is out courtesy of Be Rich Records.

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Nazanin – “Infatuation”

Nazanin continues to announce herself in the music scene. This time, the Long Island, New York singer-songwriter has shared a new song called “Infatuation”. It’s a soulful piece that describes the kind of infatuated emotions that most can relate to. Nazanin admits to harboring such feelings and does so with graceful and straight-shooting boldness. “Infatuation” is a sure bop.

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DAYANNA – “Amarte Así”

Dayanna Badillo (known simply as DAYANNA) is a talented singer-songwriter from Ecuador. A Berklee College Of Music graduate, she’s is professionally trained in songwriting and production. This is usually reflected in her music. Her latest song “Amarte Así” is a proper exemplification of her great abilities. The song is a sweet love ballad paired with a stunning music video.

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Anna Mae Kelly – “Waver”

A couple of months ago, Aipate introduced Anna Mae Kelly, a 17-year-old pop singer from the UK. At that time, she was sharing her third single, “Infamous Kiss“. Now, she’s returned with her fourth, a gripping piece named “Waver”. This is another emotional song that was penned about an abusive relationship where someone always plays the blame game, or shouts at the other. She explains: “I had the initial idea for WAVER when watching one of my favourite shows, the couple I loved I watched gradually hate each other and fall apart, reminding me, nothing lasts forever.

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Sammy Porter – “The Pressure”

Out now via Love Juice Records is “The Pressure”, which is the latest track by British producer Sammy Porter. This one arrives on the back of another great release; the song “Back To Funk” was a collaboration with Martin Ikin. “The Pressure” is a groovy Tech House banger which features an enchanting vocal by Shannon Saunders. About the track, Porter comments: “So excited to see this release see the light of day. I have spent most of the first lockdown working on this production and was quite literally feeling the pressure!. I feel people need music now more than ever.”

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Here’s the full playlist:

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