Yann Brassard released a dense-yet-airy thicket of disco transcendence titled “Overnight”

Born of a Haitian mother and a Quebecois father, Yann Brassard has a rich cultural background. With his musical heritage sitting at the intersection of pop, hip-hop, soul, R&B, and Latin music, this Canada-based singer-songwriter always had a wide array of genres as tools to express his vision with a rich diversity of moods and vibes.

After being a finalist in multiple musical competitions in Québec such as La Voix 6, and releasing two french tracks, “Mission Commando” and “Dangereuse”, Yann Brassard is now back with an amazing project he created within a few hours titled “Overnight.”
The mesmerizing single was entirely recorded by himself during quarantine with every instrument except the drums recorded separately using only his mouth. Yann shows his influences of 70’s and 80’s disco music singers like the Bee Gees and Prince.
An incredibly modern take on disco, “Overnight” is an uplifting sound to accompany listeners during the covid-19 crisis.

With “Overnight,” Yann has already built anticipation for his upcoming five-track EP scheduled for the near future so make sure to follow Yann on IG and not miss any important updates.

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