Watch Brooke Daye in “Everything And Nothing” video and stream The Narcissist EP

Here is Brooke Daye‘s emotional music video for her “Everything And Nothing”. Consistent with the lyrics, the Kiefer Andrews-directed clip is a melancholic depiction of her past relationship. The song provides insight on the roller-coaster of emotions that follows the end of relationship. Daye’s vulnerable delivery will get even the most emotionally detached listeners relating.

“The video is a literal representation of my world falling apart in an instant after a breakup. From having that person be your everything, to having nothing left of them feels so drastic, and I really wanted to portray that through the video. It shows me trying to hold on to what isn’t there anymore, and struggling to come to terms with it”

Brooke Daye

“Everything And Nothing” is part of the fast-rising pop singer-songwriters new EP, The Narcissist.

Check out Brooke Daye on Instagram.


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