Here is “Breaking My Heart” by Lizzy Cruz feat. Therry Thomas, Tiffany Tapp and Clara Natonabah

Peruvian-born American-based pop artist Lizzy Cruz is closing the year with the single “Breaking My Heart”. Working with fellow Nashville artists Therry Thomas, Tiffany Tapp and Clara Natonabah, the up-and-coming singer delivers a slow-burning and heart-wrenching piece.

The song was written immediately after Lizzy watched THE infuriating video that highlighted the impunity behind police brutality (and racism) in America. She remarks, “I had to pause the video to catch my breath and calm down to try to stop screaming at my phone. Everything seemed backward. I couldn’t understand why no one helped, and how the people that are supposed to protect were doing the harming.

“Breaking My Heart” is a socially conscious song and a great introduction to Lizzy Cruz.

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