New Release Friday: 20 new songs out on January 15th

It’s time for another New Release Friday roundup and Spotify playlist update.

DYLYN – “Make It Naked”

Toronto pop/rock artist DYLYN is continuously drawing us into her wild world. Her sensuous new song “Make It Naked” sums up the feral energy that the young Canadian is all about. Accompanied by an equally ferocious visual performance, it’s quite an infectious piece. DYLYN keeps everything raw and untamed. “Make It Naked” is the title-track to her upcoming EP.

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MMRS – “On My Mind”

Kyiv-based Ukrainian synthpop producer Stanislav Lozenko (a.k.a. MMRS) has shared his second single christened “On My Mind”. The song finds him confessing his love for his significant other. With melodic vocals that soar above the synth-driven beats, “On My Mind” is a piece you’ll so much enjoy singing along to. The track is the follow-up to the musician’s debut single “Hunting Lights”.

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PENPRAPA – “U’re Everything”

PENPRAPA is a duo made of Thai artists Gear Thudee (producer & songwriter) and Little Chanakarn (vocalist). The outfit’s newest single “U’re Everything” is a sweet serenade that introduces listeners to their infectious style. Beautiful lyrics, melodious vocals and smooth beats make “U’re Everything” so irresistible. It’s the second official release from the band.

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Ernest Noah – “Never Let You Go”

Ernest Noah‘s latest effort “Never Let You Go” is a sublime piece. The follow-up to the Swedish artist’s “Similan” single, the track slightly departs from the ethereal synths that dominated that previous release. “Never Let You Go” was produced by John Åhlin and given a more organic flavour. The singer’s smooth R&B-like vocal delivery further adds an enticing allure to the pop track.

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Henri Purnell x Gia Koka x Karma Child – “In My Feelings”

Here is another one from Germany’s Henri Purnell. Titled “In My Feelings, the song saw him working with phenomenal Dutch vocalist Gia Koka (a member of Karma Child trio). The song is a gladsome celebration of emotions on the dancefloor. Gia’s rousing glimmers over Henri’s organic production. This is dance-pop music at its very best!

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Elio Deejay x EMIAH – “Cruel Intentions”

Scottish Pop/R&B vocalist and songwriter EMIAH returns to our stereos with a new collaboration pairing her with Albanian DJ/producer Elio Deejay. The vibrant Future house jam is named “Cruel Intentions”. With vibrant and body-engaging production and anthemic vocals, the song will resonate both dance and pop fans alike. “Cruel Intentions” is tantalizing and talks about an emotional manipulation by a romantic partner. It was inspired by the 1998 film of the same title.

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Flavia Abadía – “Let’s Go”

Toronto-based Latin/pop DJ and artist Flavia Abadía‘s commitment is to always keep listeners on their feet. Her newest single “Let’s Go” is about escapism. “This is the song for anyone who’s ever felt like leaving everything, hopping on a plane and going on vacation, the person who wants to explore, the person who wants to go on a trip or loves to travel,” says the Colombian and French-Canadian musician. “Let’s Go” is a happy and upbeat pop anthem.

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Swiggle Mandela x Westside Boogie x Jasey Cordeta x Kenai – “Needed”

“Needed” is a bouncy hip-hop track from Portland artist Swiggle Mandela. It features Westside Boogie, Jasey Cordeta and Kenai. With enticing melodies and the smoothness of R&B music, it finds each artist bringing their A-game. “Needed” is just so good.

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BBYBITES – “bby”

Releasing her new single “bby” via Sony Music is Danish artist BBYBITES (birth-name Martha Maj Hauptmann). The bubbly pop track carries R&B influences and showcases the singer’s sultry vocals. Delivered with a degree of sass, it is about embracing one’s identity crisis. The artist explains, “‘Daisy, Donna, Katie and Maggie’ are the names of four women with very different identities – but who in the end all make up who I am, my alter-egos.” The music video for “bby” drops January 22.

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Alexa Capelli – “Can I Come Over?”

Alexa Cappelli‘s new single “Can I Come Over?” is a playful, upbeat tune. Accompanied by a fun and goofy music video, the song describes the feeling of having a crush on someone who you’re already close to but not expressing it. “I would hang on every innocent word he said like it meant something special. Doing that only made my crush on him grow, but I kept it to myself because with his status and my crippling fear of rejection, the possibility had heartbreak written all over it,” explains the 21-year-old Southern California native. With “Can I Come Over?”, the emerging artist starts the year on a high note.

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lùisa – “New Woman”

New Woman, which is scheduled to drop on 7th May 2021, will be the third album bring released by German artist lùisa. Lead single and title-track “New Woman” has just arrived and it’s a wonderful rock-infused indie-pop track. Next is to it is a video that befits the song’s beauty. “New Woman” tells the story of being a woman in a male-dominated music industry. It is issues like these (female empowerment) that form the theme for the new album.

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Jet Black Alley Cat – “Paralyzed”

Jet Black Alley Cat have shared a new single called “Paralyzed”. The pop/rock song is lifted from the band’s forthcoming final album. The lyrics and vocals are both so moving. Musically, it’s a creative mix of a lovely guitar work and pulsating beats. “Paralyzed” is a great record indeed.

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Emma McGrath – “Paradise”

Emma McGrath has shared her Settled In Motion (Silent Minds Pt. 3) EP. The 5-song project is out via Young Poet Records and is the final installment in a trilogy of thematically related EPs. Arriving with the new project is the single “Paradise”. This is a beautiful indie-pop ballad. Its honest and evocative lyrics explore the singer-songwriter’s delicate balance between music and personal life.

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Layla Frankel – “TLC”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Layla Frankel re-emerges with a new single, “TLC”. This is a heartrending piece highlighting her ability to connect emotionally with the listener. “I wrote this song shortly after the Parkland shooting in 2018 as a means of processing the emotional weight of the situation,” the LA-born artist explains. “It was not meant to be a political song, but is instead meant to raise questions about our communities and our collective response to traumatic events.” Layla is working on a fan-funded EP titled Postcard from the Moon and “TLC” is tagged as the first single off of it.

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MONOWHALES – “Out With The Old”

Sally Shaar, Zach Zanardo and Jordan Circosta (also known as MONOWHALES) are back with another thundering anthem, “Out With The Old”. The indie-rock song retains the Toronto-based band’s signature wild energy. Lyrically, it’s even more savage. “Out With The Old” is a rebellious reminder to the older generation that times have changed.

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LP Giobbi x hermixalot – “Move Your Body”

“Move Your Body” is yet another collaboration from dance producer LP Giobbi and vocalist hermixalot. The new release marks Giobbi’s debut on the Insomniac label. “Move Your Body” is uplifting and spiritual, with hermixalot’s inspired delivery overly moving. The track was produced by LP Giobbi and Bynon.

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HouseKaspeR x René de la Moné x BlackBonez – “Leave Me”

“Leave Me” is the Leipzig-based EDM producer HouseKaspeR‘s first release of the year. Collaborating with fellow German musicians René de la Moné and BlackBonez, he’s delivered an absolute dancefloor scorcher. The genre-bending house song is energetic and fun.

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Late London x Samanta Liza – “Next To Mine”

Washington, D.C.-based tech house producer Late London enlisted Brooklyn singer-songwriter Samanta Liza for a new song and the result is epic. The song is called “Next To Mine” and involves a perfect mix of emotions and danceable grooves. Liza’s sad lyrics and rousing vocals sit in contrast to the track’s zestful production. “Next To Mine” is sublime.

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Flight School x Kin Crew x Kayla Diamond – “Somebody’s Gonna Love You”

“Somebody’s Gonna Love You” is the latest release from Canadian outfit, Flight School. The electro-pop song features singer-songwriter Kayla Diamond alongside Kin Crew. It is about a woman’s journey of self discovery as she looks back on her past relationships — and is based on Kayla’s personal experiences. The song is based on her own realization that she is gay and how this is the true reason her past relationships with men had failed. This song acts like a love letter to those men.

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Ylissa – “Byron”

As her first single in about six years, UK pop singer-songwriter Ylissa shares “Byron”. It’s a heart-gripping ballad about redemption, forgiveness and healing. With an explosive chorus, the song is catchy and melodious. “Byron” gives the artist an opportunity to showcase her impressive vocal range.

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