New Release Friday: songs out on July 8th

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The latest installment in Aipate‘s series of weekly roundups is here. Listen to this week’s New Release Friday playlist on Spotify and read about six of the songs below.

Vanda – “MARIO”

Los Angeles artist Vanda has a new single which she named “MARIO”. The booming electro pop jam is super infectious. Lyrically, “MARIO” details the highs and lows of her relationship with an ex-lover. The song was produced by Joel Woods and bb blue. Dale Becker handled the mastering, ensuring the track sounds crisp.

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Bare Jams – “Roll With It”

UK soul outfit Bare Jams have followed “Little Bit” with another amazing single. This new song is song is called “Roll With It”. It’s a soulful tune inducing nostalgia. “Roll With It” is heavy on instrumentation and is quite engaging. Lyrically, it delves into the themes like inspiration and optimism.

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Jenny Kern – “I Should Lose You”

US indie-pop singer-songwriter Jenny Kern linked up with producer Carson Cody to create her newest song, “I Should Lose You”. Matt Huber and Joe LaPorta did the mixing and mastering, respectively. “I Should Lose You” is such an emotionally gripping piece. Kern explains, “This song is about falling out of love with someone and realizing you need to let them go. The relationship was failing and it became so one-sided. It’s easy to realize that you no longer have feelings for someone but it’s the intrinsic difficulty of hurting them is what makes it so hard. You can be in a relationship, feel a shift and know something isn’t right anymore but the second you say it out loud it’s in the open. You can’t take it back. The truth is, the best solution is to rip off the band aid and move on. That’s what I had to do.

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Olivia Penalva – “You Love It”

After “Judge Away“, Canadian pop singer Olivia Penalva is back with another. Aptly named “You Love It”, it’s billed as the second single from the artist’s upcoming EP. The song is empowering and Olivia delivers it with utmost passion. “I think it’s really easy to be hard on ourselves. And in doing that, we tend to forget that other people are capable of loving the parts of ourselves that we hate the most. We convince ourselves that it’s not possible and that we aren’t good enough. But there is someone out there for everyone and hopefully that person can show you just how wonderful you really are,” she says. This song was co-written with Troy Samson.

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Maddie Ettrich – “Decaying Candles”

“Dacaying Candles” is the just-released debut single from Nashville-based Canadian artist Maddie Ettrich. Filled with emotional melodies and thoughtful lyrics, the song was inspired by personal stories of love and youth. “We wrote this song with the taste of nostalgia and the bitter sweetness of starting new chapters in life. ‘Decaying Candles’ is a compilation of every party and sweet memory with friends as we watched each other grow through life. Life continues on but memories are cyclical“, shares Maddie. The 25-year-old is an artist worth keeping a tab on. And, “Decaying Candles” is a great point to enter her creative world.

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DYLYN – “Skin and Bone”

DYLYN is back. The Canadian pop-rock star’s last release was the EP, Bring on the Blues, which included “Liar“. Her newest single, “Skin and Bone” is passionate and visceral. “‘Skin & Bone’ is about a rare soul connection that makes your world explode,” says DYLYN. “While I was writing this song with Parker Bossley, we had a conversation about first loves and how potent they are. Your world feels so colorful and fragile. Everything is so intense. You chase that feeling of a first love in songwriting in a way. It is so new and exciting. To love someone to the skin and bone. I thought that was a beautiful visual – you never forget your first.

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