New Release Friday: songs out on January 22

New Release Friday playlist/roundup: below are 19 of the 30 songs we’ve added to the Spotify playlist this week.

PAPER FACE – “Easier”

Dance-pop duo PAPER FACE are back with a new single called “Easier”. The vibey song carries the outfit’s signature electro-pop style. PAPER FACE is made up of Aden Jaron and Daniel Grunenberg, who are artists and songwriter-producers. This new song is about appreciating life’s experiences. A remark from PAPER FACE says: “Isn’t it so much easier to fuck shit up than to build something resourceful? When I moved to LA quite a while back, I couldn’t pay my bills anymore at some stage. I had to leave LA and start a 9-5 – I literally thought I was failing at life. I learnt so much in that job though that I am grateful for and wouldn’t want to miss looking back. That’s where the idea for ‘Easier’ originated from!

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Karen Harding x Shift K3Y – “Morning”

Out now via Ultra Music is an exciting new collaboration from the UK. Singer Karen Harding and producer Shift K3Y linked up for this fresh EDM/pop banger. Named “Morning”, the hooky song is dressed in an immaculate production. It was released alongside a stunning visual. Karen admits being thrilled at the thought of working with Shift K3Y, who, on his part comments, “Working with Karen has been a natural creative process. She has truly one of the best voices in dance music. From the moment I got sent the ‘Morning’ acapella I knew I could turn it into something really special.”

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RHODES x YouNotUs x Deepend – “Smile”

“Smile” arrives with a dose of positive energy. The catchy dance-pop track is by British singer-songwriter Rhodes and electronic producers YouNotUs (German duo) and Deepend
(Netherlands). “Smile” is both melodic and energetic. Its rousing vocal and heartwarming lyrics complement the danceable tune.

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ANUEL AA x OZUNA – “Los Dioses”

Latin pop heavyweights Ozuna and Anuel AA (both hailing from Puerto Rico) have just shared their collaborative new album, Los Dioses. The compilation carries 12 lovely tunes, including a title-track. “Los Dioses — the song — embodies an amazing blend of Ozuna’s reggaeton flavour with Anuel’s trap sound. It’s a great introduction to the album.

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Kiid Spyro – “Hop Out!”

Kiid Spyro has his sight set on the top price. The Melbourne-based Australian artist is just starting out but already has the confidence of a rap mainstay. His new song “Hop Out!” is a good illustration of that creative maturity. The melodic and bouncy tune showcases Kiid’s impressive delivery style and charming personality. It was produced by Omer and Mako.

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Charlie Sloth x Gunna x Abra Cadabra x Kelvyn Colt – “Get It”

UK producer, DJ and media presenter Charlie Sloth is kicking off 2021 with a truly international release. His new single “Get It” features American artist Gunna, UK’s Abra Cadabra and German rapper Kelvyn Colt. The rap song was accompanied by a video filmed in the city of Dubai — starring all the artists. Mixing a sweet melody with heavy drill beats, it’s quite a vibe.

<<Find Charlie Sloth, Gunna, Abra Cadabra and Kelvyn Colt on Instagram>>

Animal Years – “What I’m Fighting For”

“What I’m Fighting For” is another great piece that illustrates New York trio Animal Years‘ creative amalgamation of rock, folk and pop. This is the band’s latest single, with its release coinciding with the announcement of their forthcoming album titled This Is An Album Called Animal Years. “What I’m Fighting For” is about resoluteness and this is captured in the anthemic chorus. “When everything was up in the air about our future as a band, I wrote this song as a reminder to myself to always keep going and pursuing music no matter what life decided to throw our way,” says lead singer/guitarist Mike McFadden. The other two members are Anthony Saladino (bass) and Anthony Spinnato (drums).

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senses – “When It Rains”

senses is an American pop/rock trio from Los Angeles. Formed in 2019, its members include Madison Taylor (vocals), Nick Sampson (drums) and Josh Bissell (guitar). The emerging band’s latest effort is the song “When It Rains”. This is a balladic song written about dealing with problems in relationships. senses’ energetic sound, gripping vocals and honest lyrics are on display as they deliver another great tune.

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Otis Kane – “Without You”

With his romantic new song “Without You”, soulful singer-songwriter Otis Kane takes us back to the vintage era. The gifted singer took inspiration from classic love songs to deliver a heartfelt piece. “This song is an ode to the classic love songs I listened to as a kid, that really made me fall in love with music. It’s straightforward and heartfelt, which is who I am at my core. We all have people that we cling to, that come into our lives unexpectedly, and all of a sudden we don’t ever want to be without them. I hope that when people listen to this, they can tap into those feelings and smile. Maybe call that person, or better yet, listen with that person. Those moments are what make music so special to me,” says the Los Angeles-born artist.

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cehryl – “philadelphia”

cehryl is a Hong Kong-born singer who is currently based out of Los Angeles. The Berklee College of Music graduate has announced her EP, time machine. The project is expected on April 9 and, to kick off things, cehryl has shared the single “philadelphia”. She accompanied the moody R&B song with a befitting music video.

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Cait – “I Was Never Here”

Cait‘s brand of pop music is polished and colourful. Gifted with a melodic voice, the Wisconsin-born, Los Angeles implant continues to melt our hearts one release after another. Her newest song “I Was Never Here” is an intriguing piece that sees her fantasizing about an alternative lifestyle. Working with songwriter Sophie Simmons and produce Brian Phillips, Cait created the ultimate daydreamer’s anthem.

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John Castel & Xan Castel – “Wonder”

Father-son duos are never a common occurrence in the music business, or any sphere of life really, but John Castel and Xan Castel, father and son respectively, share a special bond over their love for dance music. That passion in expressed in the music and the French producers’ latest offering, “Wonder” exemplifies that. The romance-driven song has a summer feel and carries a delightful female vocal. They say: “For this little love story we wanted to create an emotive soundscape in the intro and the break but a happy and harmonious atmosphere in the drops bringing different melodies and natural elements like the piano,the percussion and the flute

<<Find John Castel & Xan Castel on Instagram>>

Christian Corsi – “Always In My Head”

Colombian dance producer Christian Corsi has released a new track, “Always In My Head”. Carrying tropical vibes, the song is romance-themed. Musically, its bass-heavy production is filled with effervescent synths. “Always In My Head” introduces new listener’s to Corsi’s style. The emerging artist continues to grow his fan-base with each new release.

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Sammy Rae & The Friends x C-BASS – “Creo Lo Sientes”

Music collective Sammy Rae & The Friends worked with C-Bass on their new song, “Creo Lo Sientes”. The Latin funk tune is musically rich and vocally warm. C-Bass’ refrain, which is written and sung in Spanish, complements lead singer Sammy’s amazing delivery. “Creo Lo Sientes” is taken part of the band’s new EP, Let’s Throw A Party (released January 22).

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Madz – “Small Sacrifice”

South-East London artist Madz is back with another stunner. “Small Sacrifice” is the follow-up to his “LUV ME” me single. “Small Sacrifice” is an R&B/rap hybrid with hints of Afro-swing. It was produced by Producer Boy and QisRetired and mixed/mastered by TheChosenFew. The song is smooth and imbues a sensual allure.

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Greta Lovisa – “One Thing They Never Tell You”

London-based German-Swedish artist Greta Lovisa returns with another gripping piece. This one is named “One Thing They Never Tell You” and carries her signature honest and chilling lyricism. The song explores the reality of dealing with the lows of depression and the feeling of being forever stuck in a dark hole. The singer-songwriter reveals, “It is my most personal song to date and draws upon my year-long struggle with the illness“.

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ferdinant. – “Soothe”

Dutch pop newcomer ferdinant. has shared “Soothe”. Out on Humming Records, the song arrives paired with an amazing music video. “Soothe” showcases the singer-songwriter’s impressive songwriting and praiseworthy voice. So, in this regard, the track is suitably titled.

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Dylan Dunlap – “Follow My Echo”

LA-based pop singer-songwriter Dylan Dunlap continues his ascent with the release of the single “Follow My Echo”. The song’s catchy melodies, heartwarming lyrics and soothing vocals are typical of the fast-rising artist. About the release, Dunlap comments, “It holds such a special place in my heart as I resonate with the message of learning to let go of somebody, but never giving up on them. I often think that I can solve other people’s problems for them, sometimes at my expense.”

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Nexeri x Tara Louise – “Nothing2U”

20-year-old Russian dance producer and composer Nexeri has shared his debut album, Ocean Of Dreams. The 14-track project is out on Soave Records. One of the songs which arrive with the album is the Tara Louise-assisted “Nothing2U”. This one, like the other tracks, carries the chill, tropical vibes that we’ve come to associate with Nexeri.

<<Find Nexeri and Tara Louise on Instagram>>

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