New Release Friday: songs out on November 5th

New Release Friday playlist is now up-to-date.

Unlike previous compilations, this week’s roundup doesn’t include notes about each track.

The new songs added are:

  1. Dalby – “blanket”
  2. dreaming of cali – “luna”
  3. Caroline Romano – “Ireland in 2009”
  4. Solven – “Save You”
  5. PAENDA – “Zero Gravity”
  6. Zach Hood – “Just Kids”
  7. Estella Dawn – “Vixen”
  8. goodboy noah – “Buggin”
  9. Próxima Parada – “My Real Name”
  10. Gwyn Love – “dance in my room”
  11. BINX – “Sea Salt”
  12. Drew Schueler – “Best Friend”
  13. Big Boss Vette – “Big Boss Vette”

Listen and find previous New Release Friday roundups here.


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