Dance to “Dehydrated” by Jaycee and Teddy Cream

“Dehydrated” is the summer-ready new release that paired Jamaican-Australian rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jaycee with Melbourne-based DJ/producer duo Teddy Cream. It’s a vibrant and flavourful EDM tune with a shade of hip-hop. Jaycee’s vocals and raps sit atop an energetic track that Teddy Cream created with the dance-floor in mind.

Jaycee comments: “‘Dehydrated’ is a summertime classic. Inspired by the summer party season, the melody and topline just came to me during a studio bathroom break one day. I recorded it in about 20 minutes, and sent it over to Teddy Cream to work their magic. And that’s exactly what we have with ‘Dehydrated’. This is one for the books. A new sound for Australia – a fusion of singing and rapping, over an energetic party anthem dance beat. Warning: The song will be stuck in your head all summer!

For Brandon and Vince (or Teddy Cream), “We were so excited to collaborate with Jaycee on ‘Dehydrated’. As soon as we heard the vocal we knew it was going to make a killer dance track! The project flowed seamlessly from start to finish, and Jaycee’s vocals work perfectly with our pumping deep baseline! We think both ours and Jaycee’s fans will absolutely love the track and it is sure to get everyone singing along to it.

The catchy song is out via TMRW Music’s Hussle Recordings. Listen above and follow Jaycee and Teddy Cream on Instagram.

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