Zara Larsson wows fans with her “Talk About Love” live Vevo performance

Swedish pop superstar Zara Larsson returned to Vevo with a sterling live performance of her new song “Talk About Love”. The hit-making artist performed it in studio backed by a full band.

“Talk About Love” is emblematic of the 23-year-old singer’s powerful voice. Lyrically, it’s so relatable. “‘Talk About Love’ is about that phase before two people work out what they are to one another,” Larsson explains. “That specific window is so beautiful and fragile, as soon as you start asking ‘are we doing this?’ or ‘how do you feel?’, for some people that ruins the magic. ‘Talk About Love’ is savoring that moment before you have to decide.

Zara Larsson’s POSTERGIRL album arrives March 5. Stay updated via her Instagram page.


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