Daniella Binyamin’s “Grand Hotel” is a breathtaking debut

Listening to Daniella Binyamin‘s debut single, “Grand Hotel”, for the first time will leave you stunned.

Daniella is a young singer/songwriter whose upbringing saw her experience life both in Swedish countryside and the Middle Eastern cities. Over the past couple of years, she’s been penning songs for artists such as Lukas Graham, Zara Larsson and Hugo Helmig.

This first single and the forthcoming debut album were born out of the overwhelming emotions following a breakup.

“Grand Hotel” is a melancholic yet upbeat indie pop piece. Melodies and emotions engulf Binyamin as she delivers her expressive lyrics.

The song was written in the aftermath of a break up, when I was trying to make sense of the rollercoaster of my feelings and thoughts. The most natural thing for me when writing music is sitting behind a piano, just playing and singing stuff. It was the same when I wrote ‘Grand Hotel’: The piano riff that plays throughout the song was the first part I came up with and that built the foundation for the song. I wanted to capture the feelings I felt while writing it when me and Oskar did the production, and all the elements needed to feel right. I like that there’s both power and fragility there, since that’s exactly how I felt when writing it. That there’s rawness and energy in the drums and playful choirs alongside with the more soft and delicate rhodes-elements and synths,” she explains.

You can keep tabs on Daniella Binyamin by checking out her Instagram page.


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