New Release Friday: new songs out on February 12th

Here is this week’s update of the New Release Friday Spotify playlist. Below are 19 of the new songs added.

ERIEL INDIGO – “Basics For Breakfast”

ERIEL INDIGO has shared a new single & video, “Basics For Breakfast”. The high-octane track sees her smoothly switching from energetic rap in the verses to melodic singing in the chorus. Musically, it mixes elements of hip-hop and alt-pop. “Basics For Breakfast” is the second single lifted off the artist’s forthcoming album titled Angels & Aliens. Next to the song arrives a pleasing visual accompaniment.

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Pawl x Discrete x Ebenezer – “5 AM”

Pawl and Dicrete‘s collaborative partnership continues with the unveiling of a new single called “5 AM’. Bringing on board UK rapper Ebenezer, the fast-rising Swedish acts created a vibrant track which mixes their dance-pop style with a trap/hip-hop flavour. This was intended to be as club banger and that goal has been achieved perfectly. While Pawl provides his smooth and melodious vocals over the clean production, Ebenezer complements him with a solid verse.

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Ronna Riva – “Cliché”

Ronna Riva is a Romanian pop singer hailing from Constanta, a coastal city dotting the Black Sea. A talented artist, her enchanting voice comes alive in her latest single called “Cliché”. The track was produced by Andy Platon and it carries the mid-tempo dance-pop style typical of that part of the world. “Cliché” comes paired with an inviting music video.

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Audriix – “Waste a Goodbye”

“Waste a Goodbye” is the latest single from emerging pop artist Audriix. It’s an emotive yet upbeat electro-pop track showcasing her penchant for catchy melodies. “Waste a Goodbye” is contemplative, with the California-raised singer-songwriter explaining: “Sometimes in a relationship specifically, you get to a point where you’ve tried everything to make it work and you’ve been pushed to the edge, but you are still hanging on reminiscing about all of the good times and memories you have. You don’t want it all to have all been for nothing and can’t bear to go through the pain of a goodbye. I’ve always had this view that you have to go down the list of all the wrong people you’re going to date in order to get to the right person at the bottom of the list.” The video captures the essence of the song.

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Sea Girls – “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”

High-flying UK 4-piece pop-rock band Sea Girls have shared their cover of Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus’ hit song, “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”. The track has been released as an official single. Sea Girls’ rendition adds a gripping edge to an already soul-stirring composition. About the cover, singer Henry Camamile comments: “The first time I heard it was when we were on our tour bus driving through Belgium in the middle of the night to play a festival in Germany the next day. I couldn’t stop playing it for the next 24 hours. It just sounds like a classic. The lyrics are just infectious. ‘We live and die by pretty lies’ tells a great story, you know?”.

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Sarpa Salpa – “Another Life”

Northampton-based rockers Sarpa Salpa are back with “Another Life”. This is their latest single — and a sure heavy-hitter. The song is lifted from their upcoming sophomore EP which is due for release on April 2. “‘Another Life’ tackles the idea of being completely head over heels in love with somebody, devoting everything to them. However, despite the warning signs, you cannot bring yourself to admit that your love is unrequited, your optimism outweighing what you know – that you’ll never quite have the love you’re giving reciprocated,” says a quote from the band. Sarpa Salpa is made up by Marcus Marooth (vocals), George Neath (guitar), Ethan Whitby (bass), Charlie Doe (drums) and Meg Amirghiasvand (synths).

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Voodoo Town – “FLY”

“FLY” is the newly released single and video from the band Voodoo Town. The country-rock song was written about friendship, love and the adventure of life. Delightful and moving in equal measure, “FLY” carries an amazing chorus. The track was mastered by Ted Jensen in Nashville. Voodoo Town consists of Australian singer Brent W. Larkham and German musicians Uwe Lorenz and Fabian König.

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Mary Moore – “Cold Hands (Stripped)”

Mary Moore is sharing a stripped-back version of her folk-influenced pop-rock single “Cold Hands”. The evocative acoustic piece is delicately crafted to let the listener explore the depths of the Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s lyrics. The guitar and keys that accompany Mary’s vocals contribute to the song’s moving effect. “Cold Hands” is about engaging in meaningless hookups in an attempt to fill a void left by an ex-partner.

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Mountain Bird – “Too Blue”

Fast-rising Swedish singer-songwriter and producer Mountain Bird (also known as Adam Öhman) is returning with another exceptionally good song. Called “Too Blue”, and released via Nettwerk Music Group, the track is taken from his forthcoming new EP, Once We Were Present. “Too Blue” introspectively dives into the issue of mental health. Says Mountain Bird: “‘Too Blue’ is about being vulnerable. What I noticed growing up, and growing forward from 22 to 27, is the power in people being vulnerable together. I know I can help people by talking about depression so that’s my driver in terms of doing all of this! I really love it when my music prompts my fans to open up about their problems too.”

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HAYL – “Stay Out”

Indie-pop singer-songwriter HAYL has released a new track named “Stay Out”. This is the last single being released ahead of the release of her upcoming debut EP. The song finds Nashville-based HAYL addressing an ex-boyfriend, telling him to ‘stay out’ of her life. The unapologetic lyrics contrasts the artist’s sweet vocals, effectively giving the song its captivating edge. Even more alluring is the beautiful mix of pop beats, amazing synths and lovely guitars.

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Gigi Rich – “Supernatural”

Gigi Rich roars back with a new single she calls “Supernatural”. The Jersey-born New York City transplant has been making waves as a newcomer in the pop music scene for some time. In making this new song, the singer-songwriter worked with producer Trevan McCure and together, they created a track that melds pop-rock, 80s synthpop and contemporary lyrics. “Supernatural” is about dealing with emotionally draining effects the pandemic. It was written as a personal anthem for self-discovery.

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LABU – “Blame”

Out now via Room Seven Records is the song “Blame” by LABU, an emerging artist, DJ and producer from Hamburg, Germany. The track combines jazz piano with R&B rhythms and is finished with a garnish of pop. LABU’s emotive vocals suits her yearning lyrics. “Blame” is about that feeling when you really miss someone but have to deal with the reality that your time with them is a thing of the past.

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Adeline – “Mystic Lover”

The past few months have been busy but successful for soul singer-songwriter and musician Adeline. From releasing her Intérimes EP in June, to collaborating with Kamauu on “Mango” or even making her COLORS Show debut with the performance of “Whisper My Name“, she’s surely on an ascent. Her latest effort is the single “Mystic Lover”, a beautiful song about a raw, infectious love. The song has an alluringly sexy vibe.

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Theo Tams – “Fixable”

Canadian artist Theo Tams has added another single to his upcoming EP. The song is called “Fixable” and continues his exploration forray of the R&B/pop space. Listening to the song, you wil feel the mind-blowing effect of the singer-songwriter’s heartfelt lyrics and smooth vocals. “Fixable” is an absolute bop.

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Gemini Chris – “Wake Up”

London-based DJ/producer Gemini Chris is releasing his second track of the year. “Wake Up” is a summer-tinged feel-good song that mixes African and tropical vibes. It caries uplifting vocals sure to get the listener singing along. 2020 saw Gemini release an album. This year, we can expect a string of releases from the UK musician.

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CdR x Caitlyn – “Maze”


Wolverhampton-based British dance music producer Callum Drummond (also known as CdR) has teamed up with upcoming vocalist Caitlyn for his first release of 2021. The EDM song is named “Maze” and is the first single from a yet-to-be-titled upcoming EP that he’s working on. CdR said this about the song: “This track was created just before Christmas and finally finished off a few weeks ago. The lyrics are written by a singer I met on Vocalizr with the intent of just creating lyrics about the current situations around the world. I am a big fan of this genre of music but i took a break from it with my previous EP“.

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Halle Abadi – “Fault Lines”

After impressing us with her “Summertune” single, we’ve stayed hooked to Halle Abadi‘s world. The Los Angeles artist’s newest release “Fault Lines” is another track that showcases her great vocals and knack for sweet melodies. The song is a self-love anthem covered in a blissful sound. The production infuses middle-eastern elements into a modern urban-pop sound — this, of course, being a homage to her Persian and Afghani roots.

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Likeable Lars – “Smell of Morning”

Likeable Lars is a Norwegian producer duo made of Lars and Ketil. The outfit have just shared their first song of 2021 and it’s called “Smell of Morning”. It’s a groovy and soulful track that combines hip-hop, pop and R&B vibes. Lyrically, “Smell of Morning” questions love and the balance between wanting a partner and needing one.

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Ella Collier – “crush”

Up-and-coming pop singer Ella Collier has delivered a fun and sweet song named “crush”. The heartwarming piece is a confident expression of the attraction she’s developed towards a guy. Over a track produced by Johnny May, Ella details her relatable experiences, typifying the way a girl would discuss this with her friends. About “crush”, the artist explains, “It articulates that post first date relief and excitement when you spill all the details to your friends over coffee the next morning, plus it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.”

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Enjoy and follow the playlist on Spotify.

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