New Release Friday: new songs out on February 26th

Another week, another roundup and fresh update on New Release Friday Spotify playlist.

Royal & the Serpent – “i can’t get high”

Viral alt-pop star Royal & the Serpent is sharing a new single whose effect will surely be increased momentum to her phenomenal rise. Named “i can’t get high”, it’s a high-octane track that follows her single “bad kids” featuring Yoshi Flower and get a grip EP released last October. LA-based Royal previewed this new song on stage while supporting Yungblud on his The Weird Time of Life tour. “i can’t get high” is an anthemic tune.

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CloutBoi TJ x Lil Quill – “Bang”

Newcomers (and Gucci Mane affiliates) CloutBoi TJ and Lil Quill have teamed up for a new song, “Bang”. Over a horn-infused trap beat, the two rappers exhibit their mastery of the new rap sound. “Bang” is fun and full of youthful braggadocio. The track follows CloutBoi’s “Hello”, which is his biggest release so far.

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A-REECE x Jay Jody – “Morning Peace”

South African rapper A-REECE has announced he will be dropping a mixtape titled Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory on March 26. Alongside the news, he did share a new single, “Morning Peace”. Featuring B3nchmarq’s Jay Jody, this is a soulful and infectious hip-hop song with sexy vibe. A-Reece comments, “‘Morning Peace’ is about how you have your ups and downs in a relationship, and how you can get into a heated argument with your partner at any random time of the day, and it could be in the morning, when you both just woke up, so I speak on how I would rather wake up to making love to my partner, than arguing about something irrelevant. I would rather wake up feeling blessed than depressed – that was basically the whole concept behind ‘Morning Peace’, and as soon as I conceptualised that, I knew that Jay Jody was the perfect person to put on this, because him and I always have conversations about this type of stuff”.

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Kosine x Jeremih – “Transparency”

Grammy-nominated producer Kosine is slowly pushing his brand as an artist. He has released yet another single. Titled “Transparency”, the song features R&B superstar Jeremih and arrives as the first single from his upcoming EP, Truth Serum. The project is expected to drop sometimes in April. “Transparency” is characterized by an energetic production, smooth vocals and interesting lyrics.

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Ay Wing x Patrick Paige II x Shuko – “Supply”

Swiss-born, Berlin-based singer & songwriter Ay Wing is back with a new release. Named “Supply”, the song once again pairs her with producer Shuko. Also featured is rapper Patrick Paige II (member of Los Angeles band The Internet) who contributes a solid verse. “Supply” is a soulful song delivered over a dreamy soundscape.

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KiD RAiN – “123”

Since debuting with the song “Say Yes” mid last year, UK pop singer-songwriter KiD RAiN has continued to impress fans and critics. His new single “123” arrives in the heels of a number of feats, including featuring on Nickelodeon and receiving support from BBC Introducing. About the new song, KiD RAiN says: “If someone asked me to sum up KiD RAiN, I would just show them this song. It captures everything I want to be as an artist in 3 minutes. Fun, energetic, not taking myself too seriously. This isn’t a song for the ‘cool kids’, it’s a song for everyone else.” The music is simply infectious.

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Ross Quinn x Maths Time Joy – “So High”

UK artists Ross Quinn and Maths Time Joy have collaborated to deliver this sublime new piece named “So High”. It’s generally a dreamy R&B song with a heavy electropop influence. And, Ross and MTJ’s smooth, honeyed vocals are beautifully weaved into the track. “So High” is taken from Quinn’s upcoming EP, Lost Time.

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On The Outside – “How Beautiful”

Made up by Andrew Bloom, Dawson Huckabee, Devin Hayes, Jon Klaasen and Sam Jenkins, On The Outside is a new boy band based out of Los Angeles city. The independent outfit has gained a large social media following (especially Tik Tok) that helps in their music promotion. OTO’s latest effort is an inspiring song named “How Beautiful”. It’s a heartfelt appeal to people to embrace what makes them unique.

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Valix – “Released”

Valix is an up-and-coming Canadian EDM producer whose style is melodic tech house. Such is the vibe we get from his latest singled titled “Released”. This is an energizing anthem which is all about getting us motivated. “Released” arrives ahead of another single called “Resilient” which the artist will be releasing on March 5.

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Maxi Meraki x Tasty Lopez – “To The Top”

Out now via Future Disco, is the single “To The Top” by Belgian producer Maxi Meraki (this is his first release on the label). It’s a two-track release, with vocalist Tasty Lopez being featured on the B-side dubbed “Take My Love“. Both songs have an irresistible groove that will rush the listener to their feet. “To The Top” and Take My Love” have a feelgood allure.

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Tom Bailey x Diviners x BUNT. – “Out Of Time”

UK singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Tom Bailey teamed up with producers Diviners and BUNT. to release a new song, “Out Of Time”. Written by Tom back in 2016, the heartwarming song is about falling in love with someone and being overwhelmed by the feeling such that time kind of stops. Starting with melodic guitars, the electro-pop track proceeds with addition of blasting drums and captivating synths. However, the singer’s emotive vocals keeps you hooked from the beginning to the end of the song. “Out Of Time” is a massive release.

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ArtVision x Ehwaz – “We Are Eternity”

“We Are Eternity” is the track that resulted from the latest collaboration by Minsk-based Belarusian artists ArtVision (producer) and Ehwaz (singer). It is an EDM/pop song with uplifting lyrics. Ehwaz says it’s “about strong connection between people. In these difficult times we’re still connected even if there are a lot of miles between us. Everyone will find their own sense of it. But in the end we are eternity.” The powerful message is carried in a moving vocal delivery and great production.

<Find ArtVision and Ehwaz on Instagram>>

Rosé – “Jiggle Wiggle”

East London emcee Rosé is ready to take his brand to the next level. With hot new releases like his latest (which is called “Jiggle Wiggle”), the young artist looks settled in the driver’s seat of his music career. “Jiggle Wiggle” is a unique song that sees Rosé rapping smoothly over an up-tempo hip-hop beat. He makes use of the accompanying video to showcase his confidence and charm.

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Coolio x AI x C.L.A.Y. – “Out Fa the Bag”

Legendary hip-hop artist Coolio makes a comeback with a new single, “Out Fa The Bag”, featuring rappers AI and C.L.A.Y. (his son and nephew, respectively). The song also marks his return to Tommy Boy Records — and he made sure to shoot a lovely music video to match its significance. “Out Fa The Bag” is energetic and bouncy, with the artists rapping about their pursuit of ‘the bag’.

<<Find Coolio, AI and C.L.A.Y. on Instagram>>

Kiid Spyro – “Homie”

Melbourne-based artist Kiid Spyro‘s second single of 2021 is here. Named “Homie”, the track arrives in the heels of “Hop Out!”. It was produced by JulianG and MasonWu and carries that energetic trap sound. “Homie” not only shows the 19-year-old Australian rapper’s steady growth but also proves that he is a future star.

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Charlotte Sands – “Special”

“Special” is the just released new single from Massachusetts-born alt/pop artist Charlotte Sands. It’s a blasting pop/rock anthem. About it, Charlotte says, “This is a song about a guy I was seeing who, immediately after telling me how ‘special’ I was, told me that he didn’t want to date me and that we should just be friends. I drove home that night and started to realize how many times I had been called ‘special’ over the years by guys that ended up not wanting to be in a relationship with me, and I wrote ‘I’m so sick of being special’ in my notes. I thought the idea of thinking something is rare but not holding onto it was interesting, and that’s where the lyrics ‘it’s so easy how you let go, guess I’m not that fu* special’ came from.

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Antoine Chambe x Cimo Fränkel – “Do U Ever”

French DJ/producer Antoine Chambe has joined forces with Netherlands-based artist Cimo Fränkel for the song “Do U Ever”. This release arrives as the first single from Antoine’s upcoming album. Generally, it carries a chill electronic vibe complemented by the singer’s melodic vocals. “Do U Ever” is so catchy, you’ll have it repeat.

<<Find Antoine Chambe, and Cimo Fränkel on Instagram>>

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