Review: Madison Beer embraces candour in her debut album, Life Support

The wait for Madison Beer‘s debut album Life Support has been particularly long. But for those who have been closely following the career of the 21-year-old popstar, the much delayed rollout is understandable. From her strained relationship with the music industry to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it was everything but easy. Then there’s the issue of her personal life — most notably her dating and breakups — and the publicity it tends to attract.

Now out, Beer’s Life Support lets listeners into her world, but goes deeper in perspective (perhaps even beyond the imagination of her large social media audience — 22.8 million followers on Instagram alone). Listening to it, you feel a genuine sense of vulnerability but also an embrace of freedom. The 17-track album is audacious, both thematically and musically. She experimented with different styles and, seemingly, she was only concerned with delivering her message in a purer form. Be it the sad, balladic “Selfish” or the upbeat and attitude-filled “BOYSHIT“, or even the sultry “Baby”, each song finds Madison Beer reveling in her ability to fully and creatively express herself.

Writing songs is like therapy for me,” says Beer. “That’s why this album is called Life Support. It helped me get rid of the darkness and see the light. My inspirations sonically are really diverse. I guess I’m not an easy artist to pigeonhole, and a lot of these songs are like nothing I’ve ever attempted before. All of me is laid bare on this album; it’s been a really fulfilling experience to create something that feels so true to myself…

The Long Island, New York-born singer-songwriter started out about 9 years ago by sharing covers on YouTube. After Justin Beiber, a then-teenage sensation, shared a link to one of her videos, she got the much desired thrust (and record deal too), releasing her debut single in 2013 via Island Records. But, after issues with the label, Beer parted away with Island in 2017 and then independently released her debut EP, As She Pleases (which included the single “Hurts Like Hell” featuring Migos rapper Offset).

Currently, she is working with First Access Entertainment and Epic Records; Life Support was released on the latter, with exclusive license from the former.

Madison Beer Presents: LIFE SUPPORT IN CONCERT series begins 6th March. Check her website for details.


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