New Release Friday: songs out on March 19th

Every week we curate a selection of new songs dropping Friday. This week’s New Release Friday roundup and playlist update is out.

N-Chased x Frizzy The Streetz – “It’s Alright”

Out now via the label LoudKult is the latest single by Italian producer N-Chased featuring Jamaican-born singer Frizzy The Streetz. Named “It’s Alright”, this is a breezy, tropical-flavoured house record. Carrying sweet melodies and endearing vocals, it has an inviting summer vibe. “It’s Alright” will get you dancing.

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Hazel – “BOY”

Norwegian artist Hazel is releasing the song “Hazel”, which is the fourth single from her upcoming debut EP, Lifetime. The EDM/pop track was co-written and produced by Danish production duo Boye & Sigvardt. “BOY” finds the young singer-songwriter reversing roles and taking full control of her relationship. About the song, she says, “A lot of girls feel like they’re being used and misled by guys who only want to play a game… I’m singing about how I’m always one step ahead of your game and in the know of your tricks. How I’ll play along, and then when you think I need you that’s when I show you that I’m good on my own. How I’m in control now, and therefore the BOY.” The track is out on SoCal Records.

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LEEPA – “switch places”

LEEPA continues to show us why she’ll soon be a force to reckon with in the music industry. The young German artist’s latest single “switch places” exhibits her admirable songwriting ability, strong vocals and audacious attitude. The song is a thought-provoking yet lighthearted take on sexism. She explains, “Sexism, like all kinds of oppression, is unacceptable, we all know that. Yet it remains. It remains because the oppressors (whether consciously or unconsciously) see no reason to change anything. As we all realize in the racism debate, it can be very difficult to admit being part of a system that draws its impetus from the oppression and exploitation of ‘minorities’. While it is very unfortunate and frustrating to still have to fight for equality and representation, we will not give up. Communication, in my opinion, is still the most important tool of such debates. That’s why I wrote a song about it, and I want to inspire all genders and ages to stand strong – to be strong.” The Vincent Kottkamp-produced track arrives alongside a high-spirited video filmed by Marvin Jockschat.

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Lou Asril x AVEC – “When the Lights Go Out”

“When the Lights Go Out” is a beautiful new song bringing together Austrian artists Lou Asril and AVEC. The soulful duet sees them sing in perfect harmony, with their smooth vocals combining smoothly over the groovy track. The production (handled by Nvie Motho and max) blends R&B with electronic elements. “When the Lights Go Out” is a sure bop.

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RL – “Another Night”

“Another Night” is the newest single from RL, one-third of the platinum-selling R&B trio, Next. The funky song was co-written and produced by Brian ‘B Flat’ Cook. It’s out on Eminence Records. “Another Night” follows the success of RL’s recent EP, The Letter J. The song offers a fresh take on yesterday’s R&B sound.

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Kurtis Hoppie – “Vegan Burgers”

Kurtis Hoppie has shared a new singled called “Vegan Burgers”. It’s a melodic rap song that celebrates love. The artist reveals that he wrote the song for his soon-to-be-wife. “Vegan Burgers” has all the hallmarks of an anthem. It’s the first single from Kurtis’ forthcoming EP.

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Valencia – “Not at My Best”

Valencia is an LA-based pop duo made up by Californian artist Jadeyn Madsen and London’s Lou Courts. From a couple to also making music together, they’re quickly capturing the hearts of music fans. Their new single “Not at My Best” is a delicious piece of music. Produced by Alex Angelo, the song is an anthem that reminds us that nobody is perfect. Filled with arresting melodies and beautiful vocals, this is a hearty singalong.

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Marie-Clo – “Tides Of Fools”

Canadian artist Marie-Clo has just unveiled her highly anticipated LP titled Shell(e). The project combines her EPs, Pt. I, II, III and arrives with a new single, “Tides Of Fools”. This is a funky and rhythmic track that caries amazing grooves. Underlying its engaging tune is Marie-Clo’s powerful lyrics. As a whole, Shell(e) is a concept album that proclaims the feminine narrative.

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Hunter Falls – “Ain’t No Love”

Belgian indie-pop artist Hunter Falls is back with another explosive single, “Ain’t No Love”. Packed with arresting choral harmonies, the track is emotionally overwhelming. The weight of the lyrics is well balanced by the gripping vocals. “Ain’t No Love” is a huge release from the emerging singer-songwriter.

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Wax Owls – “By My Side”

“By My Side” is the new single from Los Angeles-based indie-folk trio Wax Owls. The nostalgia-inducing song has arrived (March 19th) paired with a simple, hilarious and heartwarming visual. Band vocalist Gerry Hirschfeld says this about the song, “The inspiration for this song came from the youthful joy I experienced as a kid growing up in the suburbs: exploring my neighborhood and going on hikes with childhood friends. I grew up near a nature refuge called Orcutt Ranch that had orange tree groves, a small creek, and great old oak trees. I wanted this song to be a reminder of the simpler times spent with loved ones and an homage to the idyllic days I spent at Orcutt catching tadpoles, picking oranges, and climbing trees.”

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Drax Project – “Over It”

Breakout pop band Drax Project have re-emerged with a new single they’ve named “Over It”. The 4-member New Zealand outfit wrote the song in Los Angeles with Jordan Palmer and Brandon Colbein. “It’s about wondering why this person keeps coming back after you ended a relationship. You’re trying to get over them, but you still vibe with them so it’s hard to let go,” says the band. “Over It” is a R&B-laced pop track built around a Spanish guitar melody.

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Benji Brown – “Yesterday’s Love”

Fast-rising UK singer-songwriter Benji Brown has revealed a new single, his first release of 2021. Called “Yesterday’s Love”, it’s moody song that captures the end of relationship. Benji’s brooding lyrics hits you hard as he sings about the realization that the love he once had for a partner is now but a thing of the past. “Yesterday’s Love” will be followed by a string of singles before the artist unveils his debut EP.

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Nuela Charles – “Space”

“Space” is the just released new single from Canadian-based, Kenyan-born and Swiss-raised artist Nuela Charles. The funky soul/pop track showcases her smoky vocals and bold songwriting. Lyrically, “Space” challenges the notion that you just need space to salvage the momentary love turmoil. Nuela’s eclectic background has shaped her sound which is quite unique.

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Daniyel – “IT’S OK”

Los Angeles-based artist Daniyel makes his debut with the single “IT’S OK”. Out via CORTAN Records/EMPIRE, the R&B/hip-pop song comes accompanied by an awesome visual. It’s melodic, catchy and simply addictive. The video is also quite engrossing. “At first listen, the song sounds like a love song,” says the 19-year-old Portland, Oregon native. “But the true inspiration is a quote I always tell myself when I’m feeling out of place and down, ‘In the end, everything will be okay’. Whether it’s my mom’s living situation, my mental health, or when I get to the end of a show I’ve been binging for weeks…it will be okay. I need that feeling right now and I hope it can make someone feel that too.”

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Brendan Mills x Tess Burrstone – “We Can Have It All”

DJ/Saxophonist Brendan Mills links up with singer Tess Burrstine, a fellow Brit, to release new single, “We Can Have It All”. The uplifting song is delivered over a tropical EDM instrumentation. The mixture of Tess’ alluring vocals and Mill’s smooth solo will surely lighten your mood. Out on Be Yourself Music, “We Can Have It All” is such an amazing tune.

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Shaun Frank x Ryland James – “Save Me”

Vancouver-born, Toronto-based DJ/producer Shaun Frank recently joined forces with Ryland James, a Canadian pop singer from Ontario. The result is this emotive electronic dance tune called “Save Me”. It’s like a match made in heaven, with Ryland finding himself at home as he croons over Shaun’s expressive instrumental. Speaking of the single, Shaun Frank notes: “I’ve always loved big soulful house records, and this one especially gets me excited. Ryland James really killed the vocal on this and really captured the meaning of finding faith through love. ‘Save Me’ is about finding salvation in another person when you are at your lowest. Love conquers all, baby!”. The single is out via Physical Presents.

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James TW – “Butterflies”

UK artist James TW adds another single to his impressive catalog. The song is named “Butterflies” and was released via Island Records. It’s a melody-filled and addictive electro-pop tune that sees the talented singer candidly confessing his feelings about a love lost. Full of reminiscing, “Butterflies” will tug at your heartstrings.

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