Listen to Romy Dya’s debut album, I Fkn Love Myself

On March 12, Dutch singer-songwriter and producer Romy Dya got to unveil her debut album, I Fkn Love Myself. This is a collection of 14 songs which delve into the trials and tribulations that she’s faced throughout her life. The album serves as a reminder for her to love herself unconditionally — and many listeners will find it quite empowering.

The artist notes, “‘I FKN LOVE MYSELF’ is about my personal journey to self love and all things that are involved on this road to loving yourself. It’s about processing traumas, love, loneliness, single life and finding peace and acceptance in being who you are. Self love is an ongoing process, some days you’re really feeling yourself and some days you can’t even look yourself in the eyes. I define self love as having compassion for yourself and doing what’s best for your happiness and well-being. But it also means that you have full acceptance of your flaws, shortcomings and weaknesses. We as human beings always learn and evolve. Self love is an inside job, no one else can do it for you. That’s why you gotta be your own biggest fan. Go FKN love yourself.”

Musically, I Fkn Love Myself explores the boundaries of R&B, soul, jazz, hip-hop and pop. It’s the product of Romy’s dedication to honing her production and songwriting skills.

Highlighted above is the music video for the focus-track, “She”. Watch and listen to the emotive song and stream the album entirely below. Also, link up with Romy Dya on Instagram.

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