Watch Healy perform “Nikes On” and “Part Of Me” live for Vevo DSCVR

Breakout singer Healy dropped his sophomore album, Tungsten, earlier in the year. This release seals his place in the otherwise competitive pop scene. Still in its promotion phase, the album recently had two of its tracks performed live for the Vevo DSCVR platform. Those songs are “Nikes On” and “Part Of Me”.

“I’ve spent my whole life running from who I’m becoming. I finally took off my armor and made this project. It’s as vulnerable as it is understated—and it’s not perfect, but it’s me. I used to be scared of dying, and I’ve held the hardest grudge against time for as long as I can remember. But this album helped me let go and find peace in impermanence. I look at albums like furnished little worlds we can escape to, and I’ve been living in Tungsten for the last 3 years, leaving the fridge door open, watering the ivy, falling asleep with the lights on, and leaving little notes and surprises hidden in the small places for you. Now, Tungsten is yours to live in for as long as you’d like. I hope it gives you the closure it gave me.”


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