New Release Friday: songs out on April 2nd

A fresh update for Aipate’s New Release Friday playlist. Below are a few of the songs we’ve selected this week.

HAERTS – “Why Only You”

HAERTS is a New York-based pop duo comprising German-born artists Nini Fabi and Benny Gebert. Ahead of their upcoming third album Dream (expected on May 21 via Anti-Fragile Records), they’ve unveiled a new single, “Why Only You”. The song is both melodic and rhythmic. It encapsulates the spirit in which the album was created; HAERTS’ wanted to serve songs that were not only engaging physically, but also emotionally affecting.

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Josh Savage – “Young Fools”

British musician Josh Savage has released a new single, “Young Fools”. The catchy indie-pop/rock song is both nostalgic and inspiring. Josh’s silky smooth and uplifting lyrics keep the listener engaged. “Young Fools” is out via the singer-songwriter’s own label, Savage Tribe Records. It will be followed by an official music video on April 9.

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D.E.L – “Bloom”

Australian siblings-outfit D.E.L (one of them being Nick de la Hoyde) are back with another amazing song. Named “Bloom”, this is a pensive piece with an uplifting feel. It’s delivered within a lovely soundscape. The production on the track is consistent with D.E.L’s kaleidoscopic style. “Bloom” is out on Gatcombe Music.

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Zac Pajak – “Silver Lining”

“Silver Lining” is the latest effort from London-based artist Zac Pajak. Co-produced with Jake Gosling, the single is out via Goldun Egg Records. “Silver Lining” is a sizzling pop track injected with positive vibes. Zac says the song is about “the ups and downs of a relationship and wanting to be there for someone through the lows as much as you enjoy riding the highs together“. Look out for the artist’s Midnight EP which drops May 7.

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offrami x Mougleta – “Drunk Calling”

Lebanese-born Los Angeles-based producer offrami linked up with Canadian-Lebanese singer Mougleta for this remarkable dance tune. “Drunk Calling” is fun and sexy, with Mougleta’s inviting vocals suiting the producer’s dancefloor-filling production. offrami remarks, “I just wanted to create a dance track that felt good. In these weird times music, at least, to me has been my escape and my way of distancing myself from the difficulties going on in the world and I hope this song makes people forget about their troubles too”. The record is out via Robin Schulz’s Mentalo Music imprint.

<<Find offrami and Mougleta on Instagram>>

Ken Colt – “Rest of My Life”

Belgian dance music talent Kenn Colt has dropped a new tune, “Rest of My Life”. The tropical house jam has romantic and uplifting vibes. It features sun-kissed vocals and affectionate lyrics which ensure the song resonates with many listeners. “Rest of My Life” will get you either reminiscing or looking forward to those romantic moments with a significant other.

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Neimy – “Trust your gut”

Swedish pop singer and songwriter Neimy has shared the title-track (and the song that completes her new EP) to Trust your gut. This follows her singles “Prove me wrong” and “Knife on my back”. The other song on the EP is the bouncy pop track, “Like Tyson”. About the new song, Neimy notes: “‘Trust your gut’ is about someone who’s always going against their gut feeling and realizing that they need to start trusting their intuition more. To not do what doesn’t feel right and how empowering it feels to let go of things that weigh you down. It’s also the title of the EP because I think it’s such a good saying to live by. You gotta Trust your gut.”

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Sam Louis – “Driftin'”

Toronto singer Sam Louis returns to our sounds systems with another song, “Driftin'”. With this one, the Canadian alt-pop artist created a buoyant track with dark undertones. It’s a song about feeling lost and alone and floating further away into the abyss. “Driftin'” is relatable.

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Kristin Sesselja – “W.A.I.S.T.D. (What am I supposed to do)”

“W.A.I.S.T.D. (What am I supposed to do)” by Icelandic special talent Kristin Sesselja finds her pleasantly conflicted. It’s a song about finding love and having to replace the negative energy from past heartbreaks with sweet, affectionate emotions. This song exhibits Kristin’s ability to craft anthemic pop tunes. “W.A.I.S.T.D. (What am I supposed to do)” is a sure bop.

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Conor Gains – “Light Shine In”

Conor Gains will be releasing his Threë EP on April 16. Meanwhile, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer has unveiled a brand new song called “Light Shine In”. The track arrives alongside a monochromatic visual which plays into the song’s theme. “Light Shine In” is generally uplifting. The track combines pop, rock and soul.

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Lucky Rose – “I Don’t Think About You”

Canadian electronic duo Lucky Rose return with a new track, “I Don’t Think About You”. It’s a sentimental song dressed in effervescent electropop instrumentation. The production is embellished with emotive guitars which complement the moving vocals. “I Don’t Think About You” is out on Ultra Music, which the duo recently signed with.

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Jeff Tunes – “Blindfold”

“Blindfold” is the captivating new single from up-and-coming artist Jeff Tunes. A concoction made of pop, rock and electronic elements, the song gets the best of the various flavours. It generally has a catchy hook and vocals that will keep you singing along. “Blindfold” is beautiful, both musically and lyrically.

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