“catching 22” is the latest single from FJ Law

UK bedroom-pop artist FJ Law shares another great track that sees him continue in his refreshing, alternative direction. The indie-leaning, electropop record is named “catching 22” and its release on Match 18 coincided with the announcement of singer-songwriter and producer’s debut EP Tape 1. Previously, he had dropped the singles “friends” and “tongue tied”.

About this new song, FJ said: “I was stuck in a spiral. Torn between making the decision that was best for me long term, or sliding back into bad habits. By this I mean I was tethered on to a past relationship; she knew how to get inside my head and control my decisions. The story of this song is based around a party I attended. Before she arrived I would play a psychological tennis game in my head, a back and forth of trying to decide the right thing to do…I was stuck in a catch 22. I knew it was a lose lose situation between entertaining her games or having to admit that it was over. I knew at this particular party enough was enough. I left before she arrived. I remember the feeling of satisfaction and adrenalin and how proud of myself I was in the car on the way home. It was summer, I had the windows down and the music up. I finally did what was best for me. It was a great feeling.”

Find FJ Law on Instagram.

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