Stream Amy Milner’s spell_hope album

Suffolk-based British singer-songwriter Amy Milner this week released her debut album, spell_hope. Throughout the 12-track LP, she exhibits her vocal and piano prowess. Amy worked together with producer Tim Larcombe, whose cinematic instrumentation allows her ample space to lay her evocative vocals. Highlighted above is the song “Tower”, an uplifting ballad.

“’spell_hope’ is about finding the hope, the way forward, the light in dark places, the order in chaos, the things that are most important. It is about creative freedom. Not compromising on integrity and originality, and resisting the shortcuts, the temptation of an easier road. It is about reaching that end goal, that unstoppable ambition. The power we all have within us to change things, to make things happen. To keep running even after our legs tell us to ‘stop'”.

Amy Miler

Immerse yourself into the album. Also, here is a link to Amy Milner’s Instagram page.

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