Supertaste will keep you dancing with “Super Classic”

Brooklyn, New York-based duo Supertaste are keeping things fun as they deliver their first offering of the year. Out via Casablanca Sunset Records, it’s a single named “Super Classic” — also the title-track to their upcoming EP.

The disco-inspired indie-dance track is imbued with a tropical flavour. The instrumentation involves an amalgamation of synths, guitars and percussion and is further spiced with a groovy bass-line. On top of that, the buoyant vocals will keep you euphoric.

The setting of this song in our heads is really like a ‘Fear & Loathing’ vibe—but make it a first date in NYC—trying to capture the energy of the city at 2:00 a.m. on a summer night, that electricity of a new romance, the intoxicating heartbeat of the nightlife,” explains Supertaste, who can be found on Instagram here.

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