Areo and Jamell Rene maintain that “Color Doesn’t Mean Much”

German producer Areo recently dropped his debut EP, Veil of Attitude. Throughout the 4-track project, the beat-smith showcased his impressive production. Rapper Jamell Rene features on two of the songs. Highlighted is the focus-track, “Color Doesn’t Mean Much”.

The track sees Areo crafting an expressive instrumental over which Rene delivers a vigorous rebuke of racism, discrimination and the political correctness with which most people approach these issues.

“Should color mean much? Shall someone be treated different thanks to their skin color? Isn’t it completely unimportant what color you skin has? I don’t see a point in saying it is politically incorrect because in my view racism enters the scene as far as someone gets judged by assumption related attributes based on skin color or in other words: the moment, color does mean much, things are getting shady. On the other hand, color is part of an identity in many ways – personal as well as cultural. This is totally fine until other ethnics are getting rejected because of skin color. Either way I’d like to emphasize that racism must have no place in our society.”


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