Veps provide “Ecstasy” in new visuals


Aptly titled “Ecstasy”, Oslo-based Norwegian band Veps‘ newest single is so addictive. Paired with a self-directed and cheeky music video, this pop/rock song captures the members’ youthful energy.

Veps is made up of 4 teenage musicians, namely: Laura Dodson (guitar), June K. Urholt (bass), Maja B. Berge (drums) and Helena Olasveengen (keys). They’ll will be releasing an EP called Open The Door on June 11 via Kanine Records. The mini-album is available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

The song is about a guy who’s afraid of commitment. A guy who’d rather waste his time on self validation through hooking up with numerous people, rather than exploring his true feelings with a special person,” singer Helena explains the inspiration behind the new song.

Laura provided a fun fact about the music video: “Helena made all the amazing cakes, and the most time consuming thing about the whole process was cleaning ourselves up from all the cake and frosting in our hair. We won’t be having cake for a while…

Keep up with Veps on Instagram.

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