Pop music roundup: 10 new songs for your playlist

Here is our latest roundup of fresh new pop songs and videos.

Emmi – “Drum”

For many, “Drum” will be the song introducing them to the creative world of New York-based UK artist Emmi. And it is, indeed, a thrilling discovery. The singer-songwriter is so talented and this new song perfectly showcases that. For her, it’s her way of finally expressing herself fully though art. “Drum” features Emmi’s inspired lyrics, passionate vocals and strong delivery as also seen in the riveting accompanying visual. The track’s percussion-heavy instrumentation is rounded up by a crisp production, turning “Drum” into an instant bop.

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NoMBe – “Boys Don’t Cry”

In his new single “Boys Don’t Cry”, German pop artist NoMBe challenges the notion that, as a male, it’s better to bottle your emotions lest you are shunned for expressing them. Within a dreamy soundscape, he delivers his thoughtful lyrics. “Boys Don’t Cry” has a fun vibe to it and allows NoMBe to flex his velvety vocals. It came paired with a sureal music video directed by B.

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MOODOÏD x Felicia Douglass – “Sentimental Lover”

Moodoïd is the Pablo Padovani-fronted French band who have just released a new EP called PrimaDonna vol. 1. Among the project’s four tracks is “Sentimental Lover” featuring singer Felicia Douglass. This is a beautiful, piano-guided pop ballad carrying smooth vocals and inviting melodies. Another song on the EP called “Only One Man” features Melody’s Echo Chamber, the band which Pablo Padovani has been part of as guitarist.

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Felicia Lu – “Motion (Keep Loving Me)”

Felicia Lu recently released her new single “Motion (Keep Loving Me)” via Global Rockstar. With this one, the 25-year-old German artist penned a heartwarming ode to love. Musically, “Motion (Keep Loving Me)” beautifully blends pop and R&B elements. Felicia makes use of her powerful voice to communicate her deep, heartfelt emotions.

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Adum – “What Are The Odds”

Scottish-Egyptian R&B/pop artist Adum is back with his second single, “What Are The Odds”. His debut, “Help Myself”, did so well on streaming services and earned the singer some buzz. “What Are The Odds” sees Adum crooning heartily over a slow-burning track. His vocals and lyrics come with a refreshing effect.

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Clara Rubensson – “Irreplaceable”

Clara Rubensson is a 19-year-old singer emerging out of Sweden. On April 30, the artist got to release her fourth single, “Irreplaceable”. The song was written by Clara Rubensson, Thomas Karlsson, Johan Mauritzson & Joakim Övrenius and produced by Joakim. “Irreplaceable” has an upbeat pop sound, and, altogether, a euphoric and anthemic feel.

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tiger lily x Fluencie – “juneau, alaska”

“juneau, alaska” is a new electro pop track pairing Los Angeles-based singer tiger lily and Seattle-based musician Fluencie. With a production that melds modern electronic dance music with hints of retro-pop, the song is irresistibly blissful. tiger’s vocals flourish on the melodic, guitar-driven verses before Fluencie’s vibrant synths kick in on the chorus. “juneau, alaska” is nostalgic, with the artists reminiscing their high school days (they attended the same institution).

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LATENIGHTJIGGY – “Acuerdate De Mi”

LATENIGHTJIGGY is showing no signs of stopping. The Miami-based Latin-pop artist returned last weekend with a new song, “Acuerdate De Mi”. The beautiful Spanglish jam is characterized by LATENIGHTJIGGY’s signature melodic style. “‘Acuerdate De Mi’ is one of those songs that came straight from my heart. Every bar, every lyric is relevant to real situations that have recently happened to me, and I feel like a lot of people will relate to it. Everyone has a special person they will never forget about, who they hope never will forget about them even if they’ve grown apart,” the singer revealed about the song.

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Cate Tomlinson – “Favorite Boy”

Rising singer-songwriter Cate Tomlinson delivered a sultry new song, “Favorite Boy”. The pulsing pop track marks the first time Cate ventures into production. Lyrically, it finds the young artist talking about a forbidden romance. She explains, “‘Favorite Boy’ is about two people wanting to be together at the wrong time, but knowing it’s gonna happen at some point. It’s about tension, keeping secrets, and fighting the urge to be impulsive“. The track was recorded by the artist while in Palm Springs, California.

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BabyJake – “Do I Fit In Your Shoes”

Alt-pop sensation BabyJake shared a new video, “Do I Fit In Your Shoes”. The song was written and co-produced by the artist. It highlights BabyJake’s growth and multi-faceted approach to making music. About “Do I Fit In Your Shoes”, he commenrs: “I started writing this song over a year ago when I was going through a hard time. I felt misunderstood as an artist by a lot of the people around me, including my label. I was 19 when I wrote my first hit ‘Cigarettes on Patios,’ and people just expected that same shit from me over and over. I’ve grown up and evolved a lot as a person since then, and so has my music. This song is about that feeling and getting through it. I’m happier now, and things have changed. I feel like I have a great team around me, and we’re all super excited for the new music that’s coming.”

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