Party with Natalie Okri as she invites you to “Roll With Me” [Video]

South-East London’s Natalie Okri puts you in a full party mood with her anthemic new single, “Roll With Me”. Produced by DanKabs, the track blends Afro, Caribbean, R&B and hip-hop elements. From the stunning accompanying visuals to Natalie’s catchy hook and charming delivery, “Roll With Me” is a sure urban gem.

It is something that makes you think about all the moments pre-lockdown when you were having fun freely, it’s really something that gets you moving… it brightens up my mood,” the 22-year old says about the song.

Natalie shot to fame in 2009 as a contest in Britain’s Got Talent, with the then-10-year-old’s performance of Alicia Keys’ “No One” currently sitting at over 124 million views on YouTube. She has since developed into an artist in her own right. Find Natalie Okri on Instagram.

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