Bluestaeb taps Uno Hype and Jerome Thomas for “TTWL”

Articulate lyricism, smooth vocals and a lush soundscape that blends elements of R&B, hop-hop, jazz and soul are combined to create this irresistible jam, “TTWL”. The track is a collaborative effort by German producer Bluestaeb, US rapper Uno Hype and UK singer Jerome Thomas.

“TTWL” takes the best of Uno’s rhyming skills and Jerome’s vocals and harmonies, with Bluestaeb masterfully blending the different worlds seamlessly into one song you won’t get enough of. This track came as a double single alongside the instrumental track TIBBE. There is a lovely visual that accompanies it and you see the clip above.

Find the artists on Instagram:

Bluestaeb || Uno Hype || Jerome Thomas

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