Watch the concert film, WeLive on Tour: FATCAT & Hannah Wilhelm

WeLive on Tour is a new German concert series that shines the spotlight on great artists not enjoying mainstream coverage. The first episode, which is titled WeLive on Tour – FATCAT & Hannah Wilhelm, showcases Freiburg-based funk band FATCAT alongside singer Hannah Wilhelm. The production on it — both music and film — is just phenomenal.

FATCAT perform songs from their album while, Hannah, supported by the band, performs songs like “Oh Welt” and “Sag Mir”. The film, shot at the Sternenberghalle Friesenheim, was produced by Pirmin Styrnol and co-directed by Maik Styrnol, Pirmin Styrnol.

The musicians are: Kenny Joyner (vocals), Hannah Wilhelm (vocals), Jakob Monninger (guitar), Ferdi Klamt (keys), Fabian Gyarmati-Buchmüller (bass), Malte Breuhaus (tenor Sax), Stefan Erschig (trombone), Paul Andrew (alto Sax) and Damien Stath (drums).

Find the FATCAT and Hannah Wilhelm and check out WeLive Festival’s website.

WeLive is a project by punchline studio.

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