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Below are a selection of some of the songs forming this week’s New Release Friday Spotify playlist.

Flight School x Candace Sosa – “Trust Issues”

“Trust Issues” is the latest release from Flight School, the Los Angeles-based Canadian duo made up by DJ/producers Guillaume Viau and Conor Cutz. An EDM/pop song drenched in emotion, it features acclaimed songwriter Candace Sosa. “Trust Issues” carries sentimental and honest lyrics and a strong vocal delivery. The vibrant production on the track makes it an outright dancefloor-filler.

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Miranda Glory – “Die Happy”

Miranda Glory is one of the exciting names emerging out of the New York music scene. The singer-songwriter and Songland contestant has delivered a new R&B song called “Die Happy”. With bright melodies, exuberant synths, passionate vocals and blissful lyrics, the song feels so captivating. Speaking about it, Miranda remarks: “I wrote ‘Die Happy’ after watching the pixar movie ‘Soul’. It made me realize that being passionate and career driven is amazing but relationships with the people you love are more important. That’s what inspired the song.”

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Dani Draco – “Trigger”

Ghana’s Dani Draco is ready to make a name with his unique style which he’s been crafting for a while now. After releasing songs like “Trouble” and “Sad Boy Flow” and featuring on “Paradise” by $pacely, the artist drops a new tune called “Trigger”. It’s the first single from his upcoming debut EP. “Trigger” skillfully and excitingly blends hip-hop and Afro-pop worlds.

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Emilia Tarrant – “Here You Are, Again”

Out now via Summer Freckle Records is this indie-pop song “Here You Are, Again”. It is the latest single from 19-year-old, Wincester-based, UK singer-songwriter Emilia Tarrant. This young artist usually turns her deep-seated emotions and reflections into haunting ballads. On “Here You Are, Again”, Emilia gets us to relate. She notes, “‘Here You Are, Again’ is a song brought on from the drop of my mental state after just entering the second lockdown of last year. After experiencing this collapse in emotion multiple times (one day feeling content, and the next, real sadness) I realised that mental health comes and goes as it pleases. It’s really tiring, and something I had hoped wouldn’t last forever, hence the lyric: ‘maybe I was a lil naive to believe that it would be that easy’. Whether it is mental health, a complicated relationship, or the recent ups and downs of the pandemic, I feel the song is relatable to anyone who struggles with the repetitive nature of life.”

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Parlour Magic – “The Source”

After keeping us hooked with his debut album titled The Fluid Neon Origami Trick, New York City-based artist/producer Luc Bokor-Smith (known with his moniker Parlour Magic) is ready to release another project. It’s an EP called Hydrogen Palace. To get things rolling, he’s just released the lead single, “The Source”. This is an upbeat, synth-pop track whose production is heavy on analog synths. Luc wrote and produced the song himself with additional input from Pier Giacalone (engineering) and Brian Lucey (mastering).

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Holly Wild – “No Limits”

Following on from her debut single “Love Chooses You”, Holly Wild releases a brilliant new track, “No Limits”. Filled with enthusiasm and infectious energy, this is an uplifting pop song you may never get enough of. As Holly intimates, the lyrics were inspired by the realization that the only things holding her back are the limits that she’s placed on herself. “No Limits” is the anthem we all need, no matter the circumstance.

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The Demos – “Nothing Is As It Seems”

Taking influences from the ’80s, “Nothing Is As It Seems” by US indie rock band The Demos is an massive tune. This energetic pop banger was co-written by Daniel Armbruster of Joywave. On it, lead singer Jason Milton can be heard urging people to realize that in a world where false realities are often mistaken for real, sometimes you must search through the noise to find what is true to you. For new listeners, “Nothing Is As It Seems” is a great introduction to the emerging 4-piece.

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Lyne Nsongo – “Royal”

London-based, Belgian-Congolese artist Lyne Nsongo has unveiled the video for her song “Royal”. The R&B track was produced by Ocean and engineered by Hot Money. The first single from Lyne’s planned debut EP, “Royal” showcases her strong vocals and songwriting ability. Lyrically, the song seeks to empower women to realize their worth and royalty.

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GETFUZZY – “Para Tu Bebe”

GETFUZZY announces themselves with a new EDM banger, “Para Tu Bebe”. GETFUZZY is a newly created project by two US ‘ghost producers’ who are (for now, maybe) maintaining an anonymous identity. They wrote “Para Tu Bebe” with Wes Writer, the vocalist on this track. This summery EDM record borrows its melody from Jomanda’s mega-hit, “Got A Love For You”.

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James Marriott – “Wake Up!”

James Marriott is back with a new single called “Wake Up!”. Paired with an awesome music video, it’s the follow-up to the London-based indie/alternative musician’s No Left Brain EP. “Wake Up!” is also the first taste of a new EP that James is expected to release towards the end of the year. Speaking of this song, Marriott says, “I originally started writing the track in January this year after the release of No Left Brain. Having written a lot about a difficult period of my life in 2019, I wanted to redirect a lot of that energy to my current mental state. What resulted was the narration of love in an ongoing identity crisis.”

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Rightfield – “Day”

Indie-pop duo Rightfield re-emerge with another piece, “Day”. This alt-pop cut follows their release of Rightfield, One (Deluxe) — that’s the album which their song “Birthday Party” is part of. Out via Quadio Records, “Day” is a smooth, laidback track. “I think it is the first time in my life I have been able to say ‘Hell yes I’m an actual musician and can make a career out of this’ and really believe it,” shares Reed Hoelscher, one-half of Rightfield. The other member is Jack Blocker.

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ChrisLee – “Leave Your Light On”

LA artist/producer ChrisLee has released a new single, “Leave Your Light One”. It’s a delicate and inspiring song which the musician paired with a powerful visual. Laura Faith Ksobiech and Madisyn Maniff star in this gripping video as dancers. “I hope that when people hear this song, they realize how important they are to this world and that we need them. Everyone’s light is unique and adds value to this collective human experience. I want us to unite under our commonality as opposed to fighting over our minor differences,” reveals ChrisLee. Previously, he released “Flight Risk”, an upbeat pop tune.

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Sam MacPherson – “Perfect Conditions”

With warm melodies, endearing vocals and an engaging chorus, Sam MacPherson‘s newest effort “Perfect Conditions” is overwhelmingly beautiful. The song was penned about mistaking love for something only possible under favorable circumstances. It is taken from the artist’s upcoming debut EP. Sam has been making waves, with his 2021 single “Routine” nearing the 3 million streams’ mark on Spotify.

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Almand x SAMME x emlyn – “Give Me More”

US-based producer Almand and his Mexican counterpart SAMME have released a collaborative EP titled Mend Things via the label Blanket Fort. The project is three tracks long and features vocalists KQT on “I Ain’t Cool” and emlyn on “Give Me More”. Mend Things carries an absorbing blend of EDM and modern pop. We are highlighting “Give Me More”, an electro-pop track with infused with trap. The hard-hitting production is matched by emlyn’s unmistakably strong vocals.

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Sonnengruss x Amit Benita – “See You Later”

German house producer Sonnengruss has teamed up with Tel Aviv-based Israeli singer Amit Benita for a sun-kissed, disco-flavoured anthem named “See You Later“. This is actually a reworked version of Amit’s “See You Later“, which also shares the title with the EP he released late last year. Released on Chrome Music, and accompanied by a lovely visual filmed by Yarin Alon in Tel Aviv, this gladsome song is about peace of mind and unity. It’s a message we all can do with, especially considering the times we are living in.

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KING is the moniker used by Danish pop artist Gabriela Olmedo. As her latest song, the Copenhagen-based singer has delivered “OMG” via Riotville Records. This is a tongue-in-cheek ode to the fame-hungry culture characteristic of today’s world. KINGS says, “I wrote this song with my buddy Kristoffer from Stockholm. I wrote the lyrics as I went along, spitting out bars and just had fun with the illusion of thinking ‘I made it’. The arrogance in this statement is the essence of the record – I feel like I am again trying to be a comedian in this world of hip-hop and flashing eyes and booty work. I’m very proud of this video and song.”

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