R3HAB x Kelvin Jones – “Downtown” [Video]

Just in case it escaped your attention, R3HAB recently linked up with UK artist Kelvin Jones for an exciting collaboration. The result is a groovy deep house track they called “Downtown”.

R3HAB’s relaxed approach suits Kelvin’s soulful vocal delivery. “Downtown” has a vibey and soothing feel which is complemented by the lyrics.

‘Downtown’ is a club-inspired record with a bouncy beat drop and a pulsing bassline that support powerful vocals from Kelvin Jones. We wanted to capture the magic of the perfect night in the city. You’re with your friends, the club’s bass is beating through your blood, your legs are sore from dancing all night, you feel invincible,” explains R3HAB.

Kelvin Jones also noted: “‘Downtown’ is a mood in a song! We imagined how it would feel to be in New York cruising downtown in a Cadillac and what song you’d want to hear. This inspired the whole song. In an era where every song is overloaded with things going on, we decided to go against that and keep it as minimal and laid back as we could whilst still keeping the groove going.”

Watch the accompanying music video and connect with R3HAB and Kelvin Jones on Instagram.

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