R&B music roundup; 10 songs to add to your playlist

In our latest selection of R&B songs, we picked 10 songs/videos from artists such as Josh Berkeley, iamchelseaiam and Dasha Logan. Your playlist needs an update and each of these songs would be perfect addition.

Josh Berkeley – “Paradise”

US-based Grenadian artist Josh Berkeley is a bright star in the R&B music scene. His latest single “Paradise” is as refreshing as it is uplifting. Inspired by the events of the gloomy year that 2020 was, the song reminds us of the human will to love again despite anguish. “I wanted to write something happy to momentarily escape from all that was going on around the world with the pandemic and the riots…,” says Josh, whose silky-smooth vocal delivery is just so soothing.

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Ann Weberg – “Fell in Love”

There’s an exciting debutante in the name of Ann Weberg. Last Friday, the enormously gifted Norwegian artist released her first single “Fell in Love”, a smooth soulful R&B track with a touch of indie. Stylistically, this is an exemplification of her impressive sonic vision and aesthetic. Ann’s vocals are etched seamlessly into the track’s lush soundscape. Generally, “Fell In Love” feels both mellifluous and lyrically heartwarming.

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Willum Maindo – “Won’t Work For Some”

Emerging London alt-R&B artist and producer Willum Maindo returned with “Won’t Work For Some”. The sexy tune sees the singer showcasing his creamy vocals as he expresses his longing for love. Produced by Maindo, “Won’t Work For Some” was paired with a nice-looking visual. It is the second single off the artist’s planned EP.

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Cindy-Louise – “Femme Fatale”

Dutch artist Cindy-Louise has released a new single which is an ode to women’s seductive power. Aptly titled “Femme Fatale”, the beautiful R&B song finds the singer-songwriter reveling in the beguiling power she wields. The inherent theme is that of female empowerment and Cindy-Louise utilizes her enchanting vocals to candidly deliver that message. Released alongside a stunning visual,”Femme Fatale” is a thrillsome bop.

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Reggie Becton – “Issues”

Fast-rising singer-songwriter Reggie Becton brings his storytelling abilities to his latest single, “Issues”. The soulful R&B cut is the first single from his upcoming album, California (the title being a tribute to his current location). “Issues” tells the story about a rocky relationship. “Throughout college, I was in a situationship with a girl I met in high school, and from the inception of our relationship we were always having ‘issues,’” explains Reggie. “Through the years we would always reconnect but go nowhere. The final collision in our ‘traffic’ came the night before I moved to LA. At that time, I think I was in such a fragile state due to preparing for this big move, not knowing how things would turn out, leaving family and friends behind, that when she didn’t come to see me, I was hurt.

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iamchelseaiam – “Won’t”

US R&B artist iamchelseaiam has dropped a powerful video for her single “Won’t”. The song talks about how a selfish partner could ruin a relationship. In the video, the failure of her boyfriend to reciprocate support pushes her to resolve to move on completely. “Won’t” typifies iamchelseaiam’s ability to communicate emotions compellingly. Her music style marries 90s lyricism with today’s R&B production approach.

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brb. – “saint”

Auzaie Zie, Clarence Liew Oliveiro and Marc Lian make up brb.. The Singaporean trio continue to entertain fans with their genre-bending style. brb. recently released an EP named fleur. In it is a lovely song called “saint”. This is a melodic, guitar-laden R&B/pop jam with sweet lyrics, soft vocals and lovely harmonies. “saint” feels totally mesmerizing.

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Daniela de Izcue x MAYLO – “Obsesioná”

Peruvian singer Daniela de Izcue teamed up with MAYLO for this new R&B jam, “Obsesioná”. It is a lustful song that describes the sexual desire towards someone, especially as a means to move one from a breakup. Sung in Spanish, the song showcases Daniela sultry vocals and MAYLO’s passionate delivery. “Obsesioná” came paired with a simple visual made by Kenji Ykey.

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Dasha Logan – “Nice!”

Malaysian singer-songwriter has just released a new 7-track album titled Over You. It is a brilliant project that brings to the fore her undeniable talent while also exhibiting her rich musical influences. “Nice!”, for example, is a beautiful amalgam of R&B, soul and blues. Dasha’s powerful vocals carry you throughout the album.

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“WAKEUPNEXT2U” is the newest song by Toronto-based newcomer RUSSELL!. The melody-driven and pop-leaning R&B song is lyrically naughty and vocally captivating. As a release, it takes us another step closer to the unveiling of the Canadian artist’s first album on ROSTRUM Records.

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More R&B songs are can be found here.

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