Newcomer Noha Saré is unstoppable; watch her latest video, “All”

After “Lost“, burgeoning Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter Noha Saré returned with “All”. This is the third single from this talented 24-year-old who only debuted last November.

“All” is a sublime piece of R&B/pop. Lyrically though-provoking, the song was paired with a fantastical and equally intriguing visual directed by Puck Litaay.

About it, Noha comments, “‘All’ is about a toxic situation that some might recognise; a relationship in which you cannot break free from and choose for yourself, despite all the humiliation and pain. And when you’ve reached the point of total despair, sometimes, an apparent invulnerability is the only thing that’s left. That‘s what the song is about: Through cynicism and ridicule I try to maintain my dignity and autonomy; a final survival strategy, stemming from contempt for the other and for myself.

Listen to “All” and marvel at the singer’s vocals. You can find Noha Saré on Instagram.

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