Chinwe feels “Numb” as she delivers immaculate debut EP, Scar Tissue

Neo-soul singer-songwriter and producer Chinwe has just dropped her debut EP, Scar Tissue. The 4-song collection introduces new fans to the East London artist’s immaculate style. Chinwe makes smooth, jazz-inflected music that’s characterized by soft melodies and various music and cultural influences — she was born of a Nigerian father and Jamaican mother.

“Numb” is the splendid lead single for this remarkable EP. The track, with its intimate guitar plucks and husky vocals, invites deep introspection.

‘Numb’ is about the pressure you get from partners, friends, society, and how you deal with it. Not everyone wants what’s best for you, but we all think we know what’s best. If you take everyone else’s advice instead of staying true to yourself, it can lead you into a really dark place,” explains Chinwe.

The other songs are “Ocean”, “Oh Love” and the title-track. Stream the EP and follow Chinwe on Instagram.


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