Izo FitzRoy releases “Little Birdie” [Video]

Soul singer-songwriter Izo FitzRoy released “Little Birdie” last weekend. This joyous and therapeutic song is the second single out of three that the artist created together producer Erik Janson, a collaboration informed by the pair’s love for soul music of the 60s and 70s.

Out on Jalapeno Records, the new track arrives in the heels of “Everybody Knows This Ain’t Right”. It gets us to marvel at Izo’s overwhelming vocals and inspired songwriting. “Little Birdie” sees her revel in that post-lockdown freedom.

We lived for a while in a world where wildlife seemed to blossom when we were all stuck at home and you could hear the birdsong so loudly without any traffic or aeroplanes overhead and that was really inspiring for this song,” she notes.

Izo Fitzroy will be releasing her third album next year. Follow her on Instagram for updates.

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