New Release Friday: songs out on October 8th

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Charming Horses x AKA AKA x Gianni Petrarca x Ramori – “Far Away”

Cologne-based DJ/producer Charming Horses led a team of EDM specialists, including German duo AKA AKA and Italian-Brazilian producer Gianni Petrarca, to create this new club song, “Far Away”. Brazilian singer Ramori lent his charming vocals to this future house banger. With a catchy topline and engaging rhythms, “Far Away” is a bound to be a dancefloor hit. It was released via NITRON music, a dance music label associated with Sony Music Germany.

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Breana Marin – “Personal”

Vocal and songwriting powerhouse Breana Marin has shared a new single named “Personal”, once again flaunting her amazing voice. This dreamy R&B/electro pop song captures the moment when the tension in a relationship is crystallized into a war of words, signifying a point of no return. The artist adds, “Buttons are pushed, lines are crossed, and then someone says something that can’t be taken back or unheard. It’s about the breaking point in a relationship where true colors are no longer hidden.”

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if found x Vaance x Herrin x Harley Bird – “All I Want”

US electronic producers if found, VAANCE and Herrin have joined singer-songwriter Harley Bird for a dance cover of Irish rock outfit Kodaline’s song, “All I Want”. The emotional track is driven by moving piano chords. Harley’s soaring vocals add power to each lyric. Starting off as slow-burner, “All I Want” proceeds into a captivating, synth-filled drop.

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American-Norwegian electro pop duo NIGHTMÅNE continue smoothly in their tracks as they deliver another engrossing single, “LET YOU DOWN”. With this one, Anthony Starble and Sigurd Heimdal created a post-breakup anthem. Singer Anthony can be heard musing over the failed relationship, confused whether he didn’t try hard enough or things were just not meant to be. Carrying the pair’s signature pop-rock inspired, cinematic soundscapes, this song is quite heart-gripping.

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Izo FitzRoy – “Thelma & Louise (We’re Not Looking Back)”

UK soul singer Izo FitzRoy has returned with another stirring piece called “Thelma & Louise (We’re Not Looking Back)”. Out via Jalapeno Records, this is the third release from her ongoing collaboration with Los Angeles producer Erik Janson. A new album (Izo’s third) is expected in 2022. Izo and Janik explore ’60s sounds, pouring their soul into each track. “Thelma & Louise” is a truly powerful song.

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KEiiNO – “End Of Time (Taste Of Heaven)”

Norwegian pop trio (and Eurovision stars) KEiiNO have deposited their own contribution for the coming Halloween season. “End Of Time (Taste Of Heaven)” is a glam-rock inspired electro pop cut. It sees them achieve a new level of authenticity with their sound. Immerse yourself into the “End Of Time (Taste Of Heaven).”

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Sofia Karlberg – “Do It Again”

Swedish sensation Sofia Karlberg has released a new song, “Do It Again”. This is the first single from her planned second EP which is expected to drop before the end of the year. “Do It Again” is a shimmering electro pop track filled with synths and emotions. Speaking about the song, Karlberg notes, “wine in winter inspired this song; songwriter Victoria Voss, producer Martin Bustgaard and I locked ourselves into the studio on a frigid January afternoon and ended up contemplating a relationship that went too far.”

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CHAR – “Walk Without Fear”

“Walk Without Fear” is the newest single from UK artist/songwriter CHAR. Lyrically, it offers a thought-provoking female perspective to an issue bedeviling the society. “I thought it was important with this release to really shine a light on the conversation that has been ongoing about how you can feel as a woman just going about your daily life. I hope that this release brings awareness and a message to those who might not be so familiar with these same feelings,” explains CHAR. Musically, “Walk Without Fear” blends R&B and pop elements to create something smooth.

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Embro – “My Rules”

Emerging Norwegian producer Embro has just dropped a new track, “My Rules”. It is his first release on the label Most Wanted. “My Rules” is a bouncy and vibrant house tune with lovely males vocals. The romance-hinged lyrics will surely bring a wave of emotion to the dancefloor.

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Alex Bochel x Britt Lari – “Our Days”

American EDM artist Alex Bochel tapped Peruvian-born Los Angeles singer Britt Lari for his newest single called “Our Days”. The result is a melodic slap house banger you’ll be singing along to. The nostalgia and emotions that this song evokes are overwhelmingly beautiful. “Our Days” is a great collaboration from the two creatives.

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Rowen Reecks x Cara Melín – “Deeper”

“Deeper” is a new release bringing together Dutch artists Rowen Reecks (producer) and Cara Melín (singer). The future house track is out via London label Prefect Havoc. “Deeper” is a euphoric, feel-good anthem. Plus, the lyrics are quite relatable and universal.

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Rony Rex x SACRE – “Awake Me”

Finnish producer Rony Rex is gearing up towards the release of his planned EP, Night Time CV. The latest installment is this hypnotic club track, “Awake Me”. It features French duo SACRE and follows Rex’s “Storm” single. “Awake Me” captures the haze of after-hours and mystical qualities of the night.

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