New Release Friday: songs out on August 13th

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Our New Release Friday Spotify playlist is now up-to-date. Below are notes about some of the songs we selected.

Desta French – “Señor”

UK-based Latinx singer Desta French has just released a new single, “Señor”. The track features a delicious blend of R&B, Afro-fusion and Latin-pop flavours and was sung in Spanish. “Señor” is the first single being lifted from the Londoner’s upcoming new EP. It’s another impressive track from the emerging artist.

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goodboy noah x Brasstracks – “Backseat”

Canadian pop newcomer goodboy noah has his focus currently fixed on his upcoming sophomore EP. This would be the followup to nice, the 5-track project which arrived back in May. goodboy did team up with production duo Brasstracks to create the song “Backseat”. This one arrives as the first single from that planned EP. It’s a funky R&B cut with sweet melodies and a summer allure.

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Maude Latour – “Clean”

Alt-pop star Maude Latour has unveiled a new single, “Clean”. The super-danceable song was released alongside a neat, colourful visual. It finds Maude swimming in warm melodies as she pours her heart out. Her honest and confessional lyrics and addictive hook ensure the song feels so refreshing. “Clean” is out via Warner Records.

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Christian Blue – “Pink Soda”

“Pink Soda” is a new single fro exciting rap upstart Christian Blue. The hip hip track is funky, catchy and has a mainstream appeal. It is lifted from the Californian artist’s upcoming debut project. “Pink Soda” sees Blue dropping jubilant bars over a bouncy beat. The boisterous hook keeps the song infectious.

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Weston Estate – “Outside”

Marco Luka and his band-mates, known collectively as Weston Estate, have released a new song called “Outside”. The 5-piece alt-pop group released the track on Sony Music Entertainment’s Arista Records. “Outside” is quite a playful song. It is representative of the outfit’s sound and creative approach.

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Abergale Bremner – “Open To Love”

The arrival of the track “Open To Love” marks the official debut for Abergale Bremner. She is a UK-born Australian-based artist who was previously more recognized for her leadership coaching endeavors. “Open To Love” is characterized by bouncing beats, melodic synths and inspired lyrics. The adventuresome production perfectly suits composition.

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Elenowen – “Up From Here”

Elenowen is an American indie duo from Nashville. The husband-wife pairing of Josh and Nicole Johnson have returned with their newest song, “Up From Here”, which is taken from their forthcoming album titled Say I Don’t Scare You. It is a heartwarmingly beautiful indie-folk piece. About the song, the duo remarks: “‘Up From Here’ concludes the album on a hopeful note. It sums up most of the hardships that are addressed throughout the album and runs with the idea that it’ll all work out.

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Keni – “Big Enough”

18-year-old Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Keni is back with another splendid song. Titled “Big Enough”, it’s a guitar-driven alt-pop track that showcases both her evocative vocals and praiseworthy songwriting. As a release, it’s Keni’s third offering of 2021 — and a remarkable one, indeed. Her previous singles “Sid & Nancy” and “Proximity” received rave reviews from top tastemakers.

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Adventure Club x Nurko x Dayseeker – “Color Blind”

Canadian EDM duo Adventure Club are inching closer to the release of their long-awaited album. They’ve just dropped a new single in collaboration with producer Nurko and Dayseeker band. Christened “Color Blind”, it is a melancholy-filled song that will surely tug at the listener’s heartstrings. It involves emotive vocals being complemented by gripping instrumental melodies.

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RIVER – “Inappropriate”

“Inappropriate” is the debut single from Hamburg-based duo RIVER. It’s a carefree anthem that induces nostalgia. With its upbeat indie-pop/rock instrumentation and catchy melodies, the track has the ability to instantly flip the listener’s mood to that of wild euphoria. RIVER comment: “This song is like traveling back in time to when we were still kids living each day to the fullest, not a care in the world. Not taking life and ourselves too seriously can be a lot harder than expected but with just the right bit of distance it’s a lot less drama than you think.”

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Port Cities – “Parachute”

In their new song “Parachute”, Halifax-based Canadian outfit Port Cities are reminding the need to spend more time doing the things we love. This feel-good pop/rock tune is one of those that you can’t help but sing along to. “Parachute” was recorded during the 2020 lockdown. The pair of Dylan Guthro and Carleton Stone worked on it remotely with support from Toronto’s Todd Lumley, Brad Kilpatrick and Aaron Goldstein.

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GAYLE – “abcdefu”

Pop singer-songwriter GAYLE seals her signing to Atlantic record with the release of “abcdefu”. Paired with a wild visual performance, the song finds the 17-year-old artist hitting back at an ex. Her savage attitude is brought to the fore in the music video. “abcdefu” is a bop and a half.

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Wyn Starks x Andreas Moss – “Tomorrow”

Here is the powerful new ballad from Wyn Starks and Andreas Moss. Called “Tomorrow”, the soulful song highlights the value of optimism and perseverance. Speaking about the collaboration, Wyn notes: “We have been friends for a long time and have been there through each other’s ups and downs so to be able to do this together means the world to me!

<<Find Wyn Starks and Andreas Moss on Instagram>>


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