Fresh new Pop songs & videos by Albanian artists

From Bebe Rexha and Rita Ora to Era Istrefi and Dua Lipa, mainstream pop has seen a continued emergence of Albanian artists. The country’s local industry is also growing fast.

We looked at a host of new music and videos from that scene, most of which are in the Albanian language, and compiled a list of eight. Check them out.

Numen – “Malena”

Relatively a newcomer in the Albanian music industry, Numen has the talent and buzz to go with it. The Kosovo-born singer-songwriter’s 2019 debut single “Kthema Kohen” still rings fresh. Similarly captivating is his latest single, “Malena”. The melodic pop track was produced by Anso and released alongside a striking visual.

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Dhurata Dora x Noizy – “Mi Amor”

Dhurata Dora‘s collaboration with French superstar GIMS was (another) testament of her crossover appeal. More recently, she teamed up with Noizy to deliver the song and video, “Mi Amor”. The track was produced by Jugglerz.

<<Find Dhurata Dora and Noizy on Instagram>>

Dafina Zeqiri x Lyrical Son – “Llafe Llafe”

“Llafe Llafe” is a delicious pop track by Dafina Zeqiri. It features rapper Lyrical Son and arrived paired with a stunning visual which complements its colourful melodies. The two artists have collaborated in the past and “Llafe Llafe” just confirms their creative chemistry.

<<Find Dafina Zeqiri and Lyrical Son on Instagram>>

Bruno x Flori Mumajesi x Klajdi Haruni – “NINA”

Summer vibes personified! That’s a great way to describe “NINA”, the mega-hit by Bruno, Flori Mumajesi and Klajdi Haruni. The tropical-flavoured dance-pop anthem comes filled with uplifting melodies and it’s uber-catchy. Similarly inviting is the fun-loving music video that it came with.

<<Find Bruno, Flori Mumajesi and Klajdi Haruni on Instagram>>

SICKOTOY x Elvana Gjata x INNA – “Papa”

Albanian pop queen Elvana Gjata linked up with her Romanian counterpart INNA and producer SICKOTOY (Romania) and what they created is nothing but heat. Both INNA and Elvana delivered their lyrics in English and SICKOTOY gave the track his magic touch. “Papa” is out via Global Records.

<<Find SICKOTOY, Elvana Gjata and INNA on Instagram>>

Mevli – “Helem”

Mevli did release a deeply emotive song called “Helem”. The accompanying video finds the artist leaning into melancholy as he pensively looks back on a past relationship. “Helem” is a touching pop ballad that will resonate with many listeners.

<<Find Mevli on Instagram>>

Melinda Ademi x Nora Istrefi x Gjiko – “Ay Caramba”

Albanian-American singer Melinda Ademi, Pristina-born star Nora Istrefi and Albania artist Gjiko joined forces to create this new banger called “Ay Caramba”. The Latin-pop influenced track has that reggeton energy which the artist matched with their strong delivery. “Ay Caramba” was released with a cinematic visual.

<<Find Melinda Ademi, Nora Istrefi and Gjiko on Instagram>>

Enis Bytyqi – “Nashta”

“Nashta” is the latest offering from singer Enis Bytyqi. It’s a brooding pop song whose accompanying video typifies wedding drama. The track’s moody instrumentation, paired with Enis’ emotional delivery, ensure it easily pulls at the listener’s heartstrings.

<<Find Enis Bytyqi on Instagram>>

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