R3HAB, Sigala and JP Cooper present “Runaway” visual

Dance and pop worlds were deftly fused in this new song by Dutch-Moroccan producer R3HAB. The track is called “Runaway” and saw the electronic artist teaming up with Brits Sigala (DJ/producer) and JP Cooper (singer-songwriter). “Runaway” offers listeners a first taste of R3HAB’s upcoming studio album.

This EDM/electro pop cut is so catchy and anthemic, thanks to the brilliant mix of the two producers’ distinct sounds with Cooper’s soulful vocals. Paired with an uplifting music video, “Runaway” tells a heartfelt coming-of-age story.

“Sigala and JP are pioneers in the UK’s dance-pop scene, and I’ve been following their work for years. Being able to create a song together that reflects each of our signature sounds makes me extremely proud. We were in the same headspace when working on this song. There’s always something in your life that requires boldness to unlock its full potential. ‘Runaway’ is about daring to try; I hope our fans are inspired to find that boldness within themselves.”


Watch the clip and find the artists on Instagram:

R3HAB || Sigala || JP Cooper


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