Listen to Leek Mali’s Summer Forever EP

Young artist Leek Mali is a keen student of hip hop’s golden era. This is clearly evident in his music, especially his new EP titled Summer Forever.

The 4-track collection finds the rapper serving up soulful hip-hop that marries old and new styles. Leek’s lyricism and ability to articulate himself around issues are highlighted.

Summer Forever represents graduating from college and finally having the world in the palm of my hands“, says Leek about the EP. “I can now do whatever, whenever because I’m finally free from the shackles of school. I get to live in the summer forever because nothing is holding me back from accomplishing my dreams. The project was created within the last couple weeks of college before I graduated this past May. I had a euphoric feeling during this time because I felt so accomplished and was excited for what the future held for me…

The newcomer created a nice-looking video for the title-track, “Summer Forever”. See it and listen to the entire project.

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