Listen to Maty Noyes’ debut album, The Feeling’s Mutual

Maty Noyes has for the last few years worked with big names like Kygo while also delivering big tunes of her own. Now, the pop singer-songwriter is leveling it up with her debut album. The 16-track LP is titled The Feeling’s Mutual, a reference to the album’s relatability.

Each song, says Maty, is about a different stage of love. The album encompasses various emotions ranging from love to heartbreak. The artist’s diary-like songwriting is quite notable, especially on the naughty focus-track, “Diggin’ Da Blunt”.

About this upbeat song, Maty remarks: “At this time of my life I was single and my life was like an episode of the bachelorette until, much like the show, one stays along longer than the others and the heart grows fonder and you choose someone. But before that time my heart belonged to the openness of the world and this certain kind of energy…and I was feeling myself as a sexual goddess. I was also drinking a lot and partying and in the studio all the time…and this song is just an embodiment of the combination of what I was going through at that time.”

Other songs include “California Palms”, “Alexander” and “Love You Still”. Listen to the album and keep up with Maty Noyes on Instagram.


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