New Release Friday: songs out on October 15th

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Aipate‘s weekly roundup, New Release Friday, is out. Below are notes about ten of the songs we’ve added to the playlist this week.

ORNAMENT AND CRIME x Virginia Palms – “Bad Advice”

ORNAMENT AND CRIME is an LA-based duo comprised of producer Alex Kemp and Bill Delia (a drummer with Grizfolk band). The newly created outfit has just revealed their debut EP titled Another Night on the Astral Plane. Four tracks long, it’s a collaboration with Californian singer Virginia Palms, whose beautiful vocals shimmer throughout the EP. This project has arrived with a riveting music video for one of the songs, “Bad Advice”. The amazing disco-influenced electro pop track offers a great entry point to the project.

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Winston Surfshirt x Young Franco – “Complicated”

Funk-loving Australian collective Winston Surfshirt are back with “Complicated” featuring DJ/producer Young Franco. This song arrives on the back of another massive release: “All Of The Little Things” (feat. Ramirez). Like the previous one, “Complicated” is a funky hip hop tune. However, it carries heavier disco influences. The track is enjoyably groovy and a great candidate for the dancefloor. Both the music and lyrics have an inviting, sexy feel.

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Emei – “Late To The Party”

New York-based pop newcomer Emei has dropped a new single, “Late To The Party”. Produced by LEXIM, it is a dark yet refreshing alt-pop track that showcases the young artist’s great vocals and brilliant songwriting. The song is so thoughtful and relatable. About it, Emei explains, “​​’Late to the Party’ is about my feelings around the pressures placed to achieve so much at a ridiculously young age. Inspired by constant comparison to 17-year-olds breaking records, the song asks ‘what is all the rush for?’

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Cliff Savage – “Flooding”

Cliff Savage shares the fierce and playful “Flooding”. Flexing his smooth flows over a bouncy trap instrumental, the rap sensation is bringing even more energy to the clubs. Still, Cliff stays lyrically articulate on “Flooding”. He is one the emerging rappers you should keep a close tab on.

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Elodie Gervaise – “Urgence”

After hypnotizing us with her “IMYG” single and video, Elodie Gervaise has returned with the new EP, Syzygy. The 4-track project project has arrived with the music video for the new cut, “Urgence”. This moody electro pop song is strikingly beautiful. Speaking (generally) about this EP, the Paris-based French-Australian singer-songwriter noted that it was “written the week before the first confinement in France, the four tracks are based on the topics of the environmental emergency, mental health in romantic relationships and the power of connection.”

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Landon Conrath – “2AM”

Landon Conrath marks his arrival on Nettwerk Records with the release of a new feel-good song, “2AM”. With this one, the Minneapolis 22-year-old artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer created an upbeat indie-pop gem. “2AM”carries infectious rhythms and warm melodies, with the singer’s mellifluous vocals sure to keep the listener captivated. “The song started with a guitar riff and a surprise snowstorm in late October,” Conrath explains. “The melodies and instruments feel happy-go-lucky but the song wrestled with the idea of being stuck with feelings for someone that you don’t even necessarily want. Feelings that are unreciprocated but nevertheless are prevalent in your mind at all times. The uplifting mood of the song paired with the lyrics was always something I wanted to do in one of my songs”.

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Francisco Martin – “IF YOU NEED ME”

American pop singer-songwriter Francisco Martin is back with another elegant track and awesome visual to accompany it. Named “IF YOU NEED ME”, it is an intimate and emotionally gripping ballad which this former Idol contestant produced himself. The song feels so heartfelt and that’s because it stems from Martin’s personal experiences. He commented: “I wrote ‘IF U NEED ME’ when I was thinking about someone important to me and I realized that no matter what was happening in my life and no matter what our relationship was like at that time, if that person ever called me and said they weren’t doing well, I’d drop anything to be there for them.

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Pikes – “Second Wind”

Out on ART:ERY Music Group, “Second Wind’ is the newest offering from Swedish artist Pikes. It is a brooding indie-electro pop piece capturing those moments when one feels low. “I felt like I was just waiting for the rest of my life. Working, sleeping & watching series in my couch. As an artist it’s so easy to never live in the moment. You always live in your next release, next concert, next project etc. It’s also very dangerous to rely completely on your surroundings to make you happy rather than it coming from you,” Pikes opens up. Musically, “Second Wind” is just so magnificent. Its instrumentation infuses 80s synths into a cinematic soundscape that completely draws you in. The track is the second single from the artist’s upcoming album.

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Micah Edwards – “Girl from the Valley”

“Girl from the Valley” is a full dose of retro-soul nostalgia. The song is the latest release from Texas native Micah Edwards. It is a sweet, gladsome love ballad that will surely melt the listener’s heart. Micah’s heartwarming lyrics and velvety vocals sit nicely over the beautifully layered soul track. “Girl from the Valley” is the lead single from the artist’s planned debut album, Jean Leon.

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Graham Lake – “Focus”

Stockholm-born singer, songwriter and producer Graham Lake has just made his debut with the single “Focus”. The 20-year-old artist co-produced this track with Linus Eklöw (of the group Galantis) and released it alongside this lovely visual. “Focus” is a hip-hop and bass-heavy dance-pop anthem. Out via EMI Sweden, it issues a bold statement, both lyrically and as a release.

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