Pop music roundup: 10 songs to add to your playlist

Which songs have you been listening to? You can give your playlist an update by adding some of these tunes.

The Cool Quest – “PARTY ON THE BLOC”

Aptly titled, “PARTY ON THE BLOC” is a party-loving new song by Dutch pop band The Cool Quest. The track arrived together with an inviting music video directed by Johan Verhoeven. Written at the height of the pandemic,”PARTY ON THE BLOC” represents the release of the wild energy that was built up during lockdown. The Cool Quest will be sharing more songs in the coming future.

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With a dramatic transition in its instrumentation, ASHWARYA‘s new single “FLARE” is so irresistible. The electro pop song describes the tension that plays out between not knowing if someone likes you back and searching for their signal. “It traverses between holding back your emotions or fully letting go of them to show them how much they mean to you. It’s tricky because it can become a fickle game, and eventually, you’re longing to feel loved regardless, but ‘I’m in too deep’ to realise,” says the Australian pop singer-songwriter. An exciting up-and-comer, ASHWARYA has already received support from popular music platforms like NME.

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IOVA – “More of You”

“More Of You” is the newest single by Romanian singer IOVA. The dance-pop banger perfectly captures the artist’s approach to making music. According to her, IOVA is the exuberant expression of her human side. On “More Of You”, you are introduced to her sultry vocals and sassy attitude.

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Martin Jasper – “How To Be Friends”

For his first ever single, Martijn Roggeveen (aka Martin Jasper) delivered an emotional, piano-driven pop ballad called “How To Be Friends”. The song was written in Los Angeles alongside Eli Teplin, Becki de Vries and Brian Brundage and released via Cloud 9 Music, the label which Martin is signed to. A beautiful song detailing a breakup situation, “How To Be Friends” feels so warm. About it, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter remarks, “After experiencing this situation myself, I hope that everyone going through something similar can get their own message out of this!”

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Sophia Alexa – “House of Cards”

Born to German and American parents in California, raised in Amsterdam and currently (for the last 10 years) based in London, Sophia Alexa is truly multi-cultural. As she made her debut last week, I couldn’t help but marvel at her impressive vocal and songwriting abilities. Her first single, “House Of Cards”, is a sublime piece of indie-pop music. The music video accompanying this captivating song is equally graceful.

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HOAX – “goldeneyes”

Following on from “Beach House ii“, American alt-pop duo HOAX return with a new single called “goldeneyes”. This is the eight track taken from their highly anticipated, upcoming concept album titled b?. “goldeneyes” is an expertly crafted electronic indie-pop record. Lyrically, the song fits neatly into the album’s overall narrative.

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Raquel Kiaraa – “Love Got Me Sick”

Canadian pop singer Raquel Kiaraa released her debut album Defying Odds on September 24. The 11-track includes “Love Got Me Sick”, the song whose music video Kiaraa shared a week or so ago. “Love Got Me Sick” is an energetic pop track built around engaging synths and blasting drum beats. Speaking about the visual, the artist notes: “The idea of the snake imagery came from the meaning behind snakes appearing in your life or your bed: to see snakes in your bed indicates that your unconscious mind is worried about a relationship.”

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Kislaw & Alexya – “Stoppin’ Me”

“Stoppin’ Me” is the newest offering from French producer Kislaw. A collaboration with LA-based singer Alexya, it’s a sexy Spanglish jam that will have you dancing all night long. The production is so good, effortlessly combining Afrobeat rhythms with arresting Latin-pop melodies. “Stoppin’ Me” is the second single being taken from Kislaw’s upcoming debut EP which arrives on 29th October via BonFire records. The first cut, “Honey“, was released last month.

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BLVCKBOW – “Memorize U”

BLVCKBOW is a newly created duo consisting of pop artists Brittni Paiva and Jasmine Crowe. Their debut single (as an outfit) “MEMORIZE U” is out now. The production on it combines combines rock elements with electro-synth groove. Altogether, “MEMORIZE U” is an energetic song with powerful vocals and sentimental lyrics. About it, BLVCKBOW say: “The song is about realizing there is so much in life we can’t predict, so being present is sometimes all we really feel like we have to hold on to… and within that realization maybe you never wanna let that other person go.”

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Anjulie – “No Wifey”

Toronto-based Guyanese/Indian singer, songwriter and producer Anjulie recently unveiled a bubbly track, “No Wifey”. It is such a beautiful song, from its unique instrumentation to the bold lyrics and unconventional delivery/style. According to Anjulie, “No Wifey” is about being in a relationship with somebody who thinks that marriage is an outdated construct, claims to believe in the empowerment of women but then immediately tries to domesticate you. Anjulie is an independent artist with an insane amount of streams and monthly Spotify listners.

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