MITCHY converse with Jay Kline in new song “If You Wanna Talk”

Up-and-coming Los Angeles artist MITCHY‘s latest song, “If You Wanna Talk”, is a collaboration with another newcomer, Jay Kline. On release, the track was billed as the second single off her forthcoming debut EP.

“If You Wanna Talk” is a chilled out yet funky pop cut with smooth vocals and an irresistible vibe. The two artists complement each other so well, delivering their lyrics in a fun, conversational style.

I wanted to capture a feeling of the laziness that we all feel in a bad relationship that we’ve all felt at one point or another. This is a classic couple fight. The girl explaining an issue, and the guy being annoyed at the confrontation. You can hear the annoyance in the female lead, just as well in the males. As you get to the end of the song the couple admits they are to lazy to change anything will continue to circle in the same mess,” MITCHY explains.

“If You Wanna Talk” is out on BonFire Records.

You can find the artists on Instagram:

MITCHY || Jay Kline


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