Pop music roundup: 13 new songs and videos for you

Pop music roundup is now a regular feature on Aipate. The latest selection includes 13 amazing songs and videos that you should find refreshing.

Gavin James – “Greatest Hits”

Popular Irish singer-songwriter Gavin James embraced nostalgia in his latest single, “Greatest Hits”. Accompanied by a cinematic visual, the ’80s-inspired track was produced by Mark Ralph. “Greatest Hits” is a sweet and yearnful piece that Gavin wrote with Fiona Bevan and Ollie Green. “’Greatest Hits’ is about the memories you are left with when you break up with someone,” Gavin explains. “It’s about only remembering the good parts and forgetting the bad parts (the B-sides). It’s very synthy and waaaay different than anything that I’ve EVER released… but I’m buzzing for people to hear it.”

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Reina Khoury – “Exist With You”

Jordanian singer Reina Khoury bridges two distinct cultures with her music. Her latest offering, “Exist With You”, sums up her style: a combination of Arabic melodies with Western dance-pop sounds. Reina filmed an arresting visual to accompany to the track. “Exist With You” is a gladsome song about a love full of passion and commitment. Says Reina: “I first wrote the main sentence ‘I wanna forget the world for a while and just exist with you’ while on the piano waiting for my then boyfriend, now husband, to arrive in London to visit me as I was doing my Masters. This feeling of just tuning out the whole world, with the noise and distractions that come along, and just enjoy every second we had together was such a strong feeling that made me want to cherish that moment, through a song. While creating it, my producer and I imagined a dreamy, euphoric feel for the song, and came up with melodies that were expressive of the fun times we ended up living in the studio with that idea in mind. It is a positive message that keeps me going back to the feeling of calmness and happiness whenever I feel overwhelmed. Reminds me to tune negativity out, focus on the good, and just be.”

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Kid Travis – “Naive”

American R&B/pop singer and producer Kid Travis practically lives in the studio. I mean, he remains in an unending streak of amazing releases. His newest single, “Naive”, is a funky pop cut that once again highlights his penchant for infectious melodies. The song is about being in love and having to deal with a partner whose actions are far from ideal.

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CXLOE – “Close”

What makes CXLOE a special talent? Well, it could be her overwhelming voice, hard-hitting songwriting or even her ability to shuttle between alternative and electronic pop sounds. What’s certain is that every new song from the rising Australian star has the listener feeling mesmerized. Her latest “Close” is a dark pop song co-written with Eric Leva and produced by Sammy Witte. Speaking about this one, CXLOE notes, “‘Close’ was written during a time that in my life I was continuously putting myself out there but getting nothing in return. The song is about the struggle of wanting to commit to something or someone but they’re not ready to make the jump for you. From my perspective, I was being flown around the world to meet with record labels in which I gave my all, but was never able to close the deal and have the commitment reciprocated. This song reflects on learning about your worth, values, and what you are willing to compromise for another person.”

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Keisi – “Body On Ice”

British-Albanian singer Keisi has a new single out called “Body On Ice”. The alluring pop track features the up-and-coming singer’s sultry vocals and seductive lyrics, with producer Odysi giving it the perfect finishing. “Body On Ice” has an irresistible Caribbean flavour that makes it both a dancefloor candidate and a bedroom jam. The music video, directed by Luigi Cappello, rounds up the vibe nicely.

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Dzasko – “Nyc flowers while walking Brooklyn bridge”

Dzasko is the creative moniker used by Peruvian producer and composer Diego Zevallos. The artist has a new EP out called Letters From California. Four tracks long, the project includes tracks such “Lost in a Feeling” and “Nyc flowers while walking Brooklyn bridge”. Listening to the entire EP, you get to appreciate Dzasko’s brilliant electronic production and inspired songwriting.

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Jess Chalker – “Cynical”

The debut album by London-based Australian singer Jess Chalker is around the corner. Titled Hemispheres, it’s currently available for pre-order. The project has been promoted by the release of awesome singles, with the final one, “Cynical”, arriving on October 21. “Cynical” is a moody alt-pop tune produced by Dan Long (he also co-wrote the song with Jess). “’Musically this song feels quite drama-filled,” the artist explained. “There’s a tension in it that’s familiar, like the tumult of being in one of those relationships you know won’t go the distance but feels good in the moment.”

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problem solved x Reo Cragun – “Go Right Now”

“Go Right Now” is a rap-infused pop song by emerging Amsterdam-based German producer and songwriter problem solved. The melody-laden and blissful track features American singer/rapper Reo Cragun whose delivery is velvety smooth. “Go Right Now” speaks on the positive experience of a healthy and happy relationship. Commenting about this release, problem solved said: “‘Go Right Now’ is about growing into a new, better, happy version of yourself through being together with your loved one. It’s about a moment in life where the hard work pays off and you’re able to look back and say, ‘Wow, let’s go be adventurous and live with love.‘”

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Joëlle Buyckx – “One Forever”

Alt-pop newcomer Joëlle Buyck (last name pronounced ‘bee-wax’) continues with the momentum she gained after unveiling her debut single, “Just A Fool”. The Miami-based singer’s second single, “All The Time” warmed our hearts with its disco-laced funky vibe. Her third is another groovy cut called “One Forever”. The song describes the feeling of being the special one in someone’s life. Like the previous two, you’ll surely be dancing along to this.

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Humble Braggers – “So Alive”

Love & Fear is an upcoming album by Buffalo-based 4-piece band Humble Braggers. The LP is scheduled to arrive on November 11 via ONErpm. As we await its release, here is the outfit’s latest single, “So Alive”. The track is washed in delightful synths and guitars riffs and generally has a feel-good vibe. “So Alive” captures the feeling of pride and joy that stems from overcoming your fears.

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Local Nomad x The Shadowboxers – “Lonely”

After “On and On“, New York musician Local Nomad teamed up with The Shadowboxers for this special song, “Lonely”. It is an awesome indie-pop tune with quite an uplifting groove. “My manager sent me a track and asked me if I would be interested in singing a song Adam Hoffman from The Shadowboxers had written.The first time I heard it I was immediately hooked. I feel like this song was meant for me. I had just moved out of New York to Charleston, South Carolina and I began to really identify with the concept of the song. After being isolated for so many months during the pandemic and moving to a new city, it took me a minute to get used to being completely alone,” Local Nomad says, describing how the collaboration came about. “Lonely” is a song I will not be getting enough of anytime soon.

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Indy June – ” Drag Me Away”

“Drag Me Away” is an ebullient yet pensive piece from burgeoning indie pop artist Indy June. The upbeat song finds her expressing the changes she would like to see in her life. “I wrote this song as a message to my future self: to ‘drag me away’ from my current position in life, essentially pulling me out of the closet. I sing to a version of myself that is carefree and living her best life- loving who she wants to love and being who she wants to be,” June elaborates. Listening on, you feel fully mesmerized by her beautiful voice and impressive songwriting.

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Becoming Young – “Kingdoms Will Know”

After delivering “Wild & Free“, Nashville-based singer Becoming Young did return with another great single. Named “Kingdoms Will Know”, it carries an uplifting melody. The galvanizing song reminds us that moments of glory come after such periods when one feels totally defeated. The artist went on to underscore the powerful message behind this beautiful song by stating: “No one remembers people who just ‘win’ all the time. But the folks who were kicked when they were down, yet still got up to fight—those are the heroes that people remember long after their time on the earth. Hence the final line of the song ‘Kingdoms will know your story’.”

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