SVRCINA releases new album, Orchards

A star since her childhood days, SVRCINA has, over the last decade, built an impressive catalog. And that’s besides the songs she has written for other artists. On October 22, the 25-year-old Nashville-raised electro pop artist (who has just relocated to Los Angeles) released her fourth album, Orchards.

It is a 10-song collection of songs that highlight the need to rid our our lives of the bad habits holding us back and cultivate and nurture healthy relationships and personal well-being, just as one would tend to their garden.

Orchards is a metaphoric, colorful and vulnerable approach to matters of the heart and mind, will and emotions. Just as a fruitful orchard requires breaking ground in good soil, diligent caretakers, and allowing the natural process of growth to take place in its time, so our lives can mirror a beautiful story of healthy cultivation. Each one of our stories is unique with our personal experiences and how we‘re wired, but we are all designed to love and to be loved, and if we are willing, on this journey to become the best version of ourselves. Along the way, acknowledging the pain points, confronting bad habits, learning how to navigate unforeseen challenges, and then experiencing the joys of each breakthrough and season, we can be on the way to healing and being a whole person.”


The singer released Orchards in the company of the Bree Marie Fish-directed music video for “Cycles”. Watch the visual, stream the entire album and follow SVRCINA on Instagram.


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