New Release Friday: songs out on November 26th

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Resa Saffa Park, Outer Ego and Ayotemi are some of the names whose songs have been added the New Release Friday playlist this week.

Resa Saffa Park – “Candles”

Oslo-based songstress Resa Saffa Park has just revealed a new single, “Candles”. This is the followup to her song, “Dandelions”, both of these tracks being taken from her forthcoming EP. On “Candles”, Resa’s soulful vocals and celestial melodies combine with the expressive instrumentation to give the song its overall cinematic feel. The music video accompanying “Candles” draws you in further.

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James Chatburn – “Howling”

From James Chatburn comes a new single called “Howling”. The track is lifted from the Berlin-based Australian singer, songwriter and producer’s planned second album. “Howling” carries Chatburn’s signature soulful sound and generally has a smooth, sexy vibe. “This aligns well for me with the entire album, it is these moments which we need to let go of ourselves in order to experience life. I wanted to produce something which everyone can get both musically and lyrically,” he says.

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Outer Ego – “Floating”

Heavy on instrumentation, “Floating” by American band Outer Ego feels super infectious. It’s a funky, synth-laden pop rock track that, musically, underscores the outfit’s genre-blending style. Lyrically, the song is quite introspective. “Floating” is Outer Ego’s second single, with the first being “GPS“.

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Yung6ix – “Calican”

“Calican” is the latest single from Californian-based Nigerian rapper Yung6ix. The title is a combination of the words ‘California’ and ‘African’. Delivered over a melodic, flute-infused trap instrumental, “Calican” is both upbeat and fresh. The song is Yung6ix’s exuberant statement of his place in the African rap scene.

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Langi – “Dancing”

Kingston-born Jamaican singer Langi releases a new song, “Dancing”. Fusing dancehall rhythms with Afro pop melodies, the artist together with producer Prexx Play created a super addictive tune. “Dancing” is a female-centric anthem that brings dancefloor vibes to our stereos. It is quite an amazing tune.

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Carla Lina “Life Is Like A Movie”

Augsburg-based singer-songwriter and producer Carla Lina has finally unveiled her debut single, “Life Is Like A Movie”. It’s an electro pop track with mesmerizing melodies and gripping vocals. Carla’s thoughtful lyrics describe the rat race of life. Being the all-round creative she is, Carla directed the accompanying music video. You’ll definitely love this inspiring song.

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Ayotemi – “peon”

Maryland rapper Ayotemi linked up with producer Foolie $urfin to create his upcoming album titled Indigo Rap. Now, he is debuting the first single, “peon” (out via LA-based label Good Company). “peon” is a soulful hip hop song about embracing your inner power and strength. ​​Ayotemi remarks: “My royalty came with my perspective shift. When I began to love myself and honor my authentic power I was able to raise my power level. That’s what I want to show youth like me. You are worthy, you are loved, and you are chosen! Don’t doubt yourself, your ideas or your gifts. ‘Stay Grounded, Stay Golden. Mountains and rivers will move over you.’ This line means that which seems immovable will move. That which seems impossible will happen. Everything will morph to fit the mold of your movement. When you are in alignment with your inner indigo. Grounded and golden.”

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“STAY WITH ME TONIGHT” is a new song by American singer and songwriter Trey Warner. Catchy and chill, the song is very captivating. I love the beautiful, inviting melodies and the romantic lyrics. Altogether, “STAY WITH ME TONIGHT” is a brilliant release from the musician.

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