New Release Friday: songs out on December 3rd

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This week’s update on New Release Friday spotify playlist is now live. Songs added include the latest releases from Seensei, Dylan Emmet and CADE, among other amazing artists. Below are notes about ten of the songs.

Velleese – “Holy Water Baby”

Emerging R&B star Velleese has released a beautiful new song, “Holy Water Baby”. A lyrically expressive piece, the song co-opts religious references to explain relationship dynamics. “When people go to church they are looking to get saved, when you get into a relationship some people are looking to get saved. Each person has their own mindset. Some hope the significant other will give them safety from their own insecurities like saving someone, similar to Biblical stories. In ‘Holy Water Baby’ the other person is not meeting expectations therefore the song asks, ‘Why cant you just save me?‘,” reads a statement from Velleese. Listening to the song, you get to appreciate the artist’s thought-provoking lyricism and powerful vocals.

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Old Jim x SOHBEK – “Leaving You Behind”

21-year-old Italian DJ/producer Old Jim has joined forces with SOHBEK (a side project by Irish producer & vocalist ZHIKO) for a new dancefloor-filler. They called the song “Leaving You Behind”. The vibrant house tune is filled with catchy melodies, seductive lyrics and sultry male vocals. I bet you’ll be dancing and singing along to “Leaving You Behind”.

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Seensei x – YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB – “Wasa”

“Wasa” is a new song pairing 24-year-old Cameroonian music producer Seensei with London-based French-Cameroonian artist/producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB. It’s a groovy dance-pop track carrying elements of African music. “Wasa” is representative of the kind the creative collaborations being witnessed in the continent. In fact, these two artists met online and then built the musical chemistry that resulted in this release.

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Kenneth Cash – “Patience”

Kenneth Cash is a rising R&B crooner championed (and managed) by rapper AKTHESAVIOR. A truly gifted singer, the Brooklyn native showcases his talent in a new single called “Patience”. The song is a personal reflection of what it means to hit your limit of patience in a relationship. Cash explains, “It’s a vicious situation, one that leads to resentment and forces you to ask, ‘what’s wrong with me?’ It just made me realize there’s a fine line between being patient and enabling damaging behavior.”

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Dylan Emmet x Constance – “Lie Together”

New York singer/songwriter and producer Dylan Emmet is back, this time teaming up with singer Constance for a new single. The track is named “Lie Together”. It is a moody yet vibey alt-pop track filled with guitar melodies, 808’s and lots of emotion. “Lie Together” examines what makes people continue staying with partners who are clearly not right for them. It is such a beautiful tune and I certainly will be playing it on repeat.

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Alta Falls – “The Fire”

“The Fire” is yet another infectious tune from Brisbane-based electro pop duo, Alta Falls. The track is washed in synths and melodies. It is catchy, energetic and generally euphoric. The song was inspired by the bushfires that ravaged Australia in 2019 and 2020. “The Fire” is the title-track of Alta Fall’s upcoming debut EP.

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clide – “kitchen floor”

German-American indie-pop crooner clide has returned with a new single named “kitchen floor”. The song follows his sophomore EP, feelings, which arrived two months ago. “kitchen floor” is a relatable piece that delves into the aftermath of a drunken fight with a partner. Despite being a breakup song, the punk-influenced track is so upbeat that you won’t help but vibe along to it.

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Sarah Kennedy – “Sex for Breakfast”

Pop newcomer Sarah Kennedy has shared a new song, “Sex For Breakfast”. The sultry R&B/pop track involves a production so crisp that it allows the young singer’s vocals to shine throughout. Sarah brings a sexy and confident energy to the song, making it simply irresistible. “Sex For Breakfast” was produced by Benzo Lombardo.

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Olivero x Alain Pérez – “Juntando Amores”

For this one, you’ll need your dancing shoes. Titled “Juntando Amores”, the song is by Austrian-based composer and artist Olivero and Cuban musician Alain Pérez (a 2021 Latin-Grammy winner). “Juntando Amores” is filled with engaging salsa rhythms. The song is simply magnificent.

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CADE x Nate Traveller – “20 Missed calls”

“20 Missed calls” by LA-based singer-songwriter and producer CADE is a whole vibe. The melodic track features Nate Traveller and was paired with a music video directed by Jaxon Whittington. Alongside the release, CADE has announced his debut EP, WATCHING YOU CRY, which is scheduled for an April 8 release. Speaking about the upcoming EP, CADE said, “Watching You Cry is a project I made while going through a pivotal growth period in my life. I was having highs & lows with a 3-year relationship that inevitably crashed and burned, and was working to find myself, who I am and what I want to be known for. I wanted the project to make everyone feel like they were in the passenger seat for all of the experiences I had during the time I was writing it. Living in Los Angeles and being tempted by the partying and sins that come with Hollywood, the feelings of love and loss, and everything in between.”

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