Laura Tsaggaris wants us to “Get in the Mood” in new album

US singer-songwriter Laura Tsaggaris‘ new album, Get in the Mood, arrived just in time for the holidays. Her sixth studio album, the collection is 13 tracks long.

It contains the euphoric lead single, “Get in the Mood”, alongside twelve Christmas covers, including Elvis’ “Blue Christmas” and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

“Get in the Mood” is an infectious song that encapsulates the season’s fun moments. “The pandemic has most of us longing for connection,” notes Tsaggaris. “For me, that’s often found through live music. I really dug a quiet Christmas with my family last year, but this year I’m ready to ‘Get in the Mood,’ to party together at a real show.

More information by Laura Tsaggaris can be found on her Instagram page.


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