Watch ZØYA’s live stripped version of “Let Me Go”

Belarusian-born Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Zoya Naumchik, who’s known simply as ZØYA, has delivered a stripped-down live-performance version of her newest single, “Let Me Go”.

“Let Me Go” is a heart-rending piece that acknowledges the difficulty in letting go after a heartbreak. It is about getting yourself free from the broken relationship. “Sometimes feelings come back (from one or both parties) and you feel like that person didn’t fully let you go and you can feel that vibe that it’s not over yet…it’s like you got trapped in a constant de ja vu. This song could be also a final reminder to that someone that still needs to fully let you go and move on,” notes ZØYA.

Listen/watch both versions of the song and connect with on Instagram.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you… from the Aipate Team.

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